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Tell Us Your Stories About Sexism In College

Dealing with inequality isn't easy. We want to hear your stories.

Campus life can be a really positive experience, but, unfortunately, it can also be a place where young women encounter serious acts of sexism.

Back in 2013, When one UConn student reported her sexual assault to campus police, she says this is how they responded:

Sometimes the sexism is less blatant, as seen in the stories of microaggressions collected by the Everyday Sexism Project:

"On a night out at the student union, I was dancing away, minding my own business, when a guy I didn't know grabbed me from behind and roughly pulled me into him, lifting me off my feet. One arm around my waist and the other across my breasts, he spun me around and then pushed me into his friend. I was even more pissed off when I told a member of staff and all I got was a shoulder shrug and told that they couldn't do anything because 'I had not been assaulted'. Gee thanks."

Students have also shared injustices experienced in Greek life and other institutional organizations.

If you've encountered sexism in college, we want to hear about it.