Sports Fans: What Are Your Superstitions?

Super Bowl XLVIII is happening, people. How are you going to help your team win?

1. Guys, the Super Bowl is here.

Kirby Lee/Usa Today Sports

2. And fans are excited.

Mark J. Rebilas/Usa Today Sports

3. After all, they did help their teams get this far in the season.

Kirby Lee/Usa Today Sports

4. According to Anheuser-Busch, more than one-fourth of Broncos fans really think their superstitions have an affect on what happens in the game.

Mark J. Rebilas/Usa Today Sports

5. Almost half of Seahawks fans watch games in the same location and with the same people because they believe it’ll help their team win.

Kirby Lee/Usa Today Sports

6. Are you someone who thinks not changing your socks and underwear will help your team win?

Flower Films / Via

7. Do you have a special victory dance?

Flower Films / Via

8. Is war paint a game day essential?

9. How are YOU getting ready for Sunday?

10. Tell us in the comments below!

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