Save The Children Tricked A Bunch Of Gorgeous Models Into Caring About Children’s Rights

“We can’t make this issue sexy, but it deserves your attention.”

1. Recently, some fashion models in New York City went to a video shoot prepared to be in a “sexy commercial.”

Save the Children / Via

2. Dave Hartman, Save the Children’s Social Media Manager, told BuzzFeed that the models in the video were originally under the impression they were hired for a fashion shoot for a “sexy new brand.”

Save the Children / Via

3. Not long into filming, the models were asked to read some pretty alarming facts and statistics about children around the world.

Save the Children / Via

4. And they didn’t think what they were doing was so sexy anymore.

Save the Children / Via

5. “Their reactions were genuine,” Hartman explained.

Save the Children / Via

6. The models found out about the true nature of the shoot when filming was done.

Save the Children / Via

7. “After the reveal, all of the models were excited to be part of this cause,” Hartman said.

Save the Children / Via

8. Save the Children can’t make children’s rights issues sexy, but they think it still deserves your attention.

Save the Children / Via

9. You can watch the full video here:

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