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Sara Bareilles Saved The Day With An Impromptu Performance At "Waitress"

Turning lemons into lemonade, amiright?

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Waitress, a new musical production starring Jessie Mueller, is currently in previews on Broadway.

Waitress the Musical / Via

To make matters even better, all of the music and lyrics for the show were created by the lovely Sara Bareilles.

Sara Bareilles / Via

At last night's preview, there was some kind of technical glitch...

The awesome Jessie Mueller backstage right now! Automation time out (1st time) @sarabareilles is out front singing! Bareilles hopped on stage to save the day!

Instagram: @sarabareilles

The singer-songwriter gave an impromptu performance of the iconic song from The Little Mermaid, "Part of Your World."

Sara Bareilles is singing during a hold! #partofyourworld #dying #previews @WaitressMusical

And she also sang "Down at the Diner," which is apparently a song from Waitress that ended up getting cut.

Waitress had some technical difficulties, so @SarahBareilles sang a deleted song from the musical #waitressmusical

It looks like she even answered some questions while she was up there.

Impromptu Q/A with Sarah Bareilles when the Broadway show malfunctions­čś▒

­čĺ× ­čĺ× ­čĺ×

Technical difficulties during the show are okay when the amazing @sarabareilles comes out!! @waitressmusical

What could have been a disaster ended up making the entire audience's night.

I'm in a selfie with @SaraBareilles !!! @WaitressMusical #BestNightEver

Not to mention, it was the singer's Broadway debut!

Where's Sara Bareilles' Tony??