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Reminder: You Can Unfriend Your Annoying Facebook Friends From High School

You can thank me now.

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When you first signed up for Facebook, it probably felt like an awesome/magical place where you could interact with all of your friends online.

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But somewhere along the way, the culture of Facebook became to "friend" people who weren't always your friends IRL.

Especially the kids you went to high school with — you would friend request each other on FB without ever having said a word to each other in class or walking through the halls.

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And now all these years later, you're still stuck being their Facebook friend despite the lack of communication between you.

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Once in a while you'll remember they exist because a notification will pop up to wish them a happy birthday.

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Or a picture of them getting engaged or having a baby will show up on your News Feed.

Sometimes they'll even have the nerve to leave their opinion and comment on something you post, as if you care.


You know *exactly* who they are: They're the people you don't know why you're FB friends with in the first place.

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But there's something really important, enlightening, and life-changing that you need to know about these annoying Facebook friends leftover from high school:

You can unfriend them.

You can, and you SHOULD, unfriend any and every one of your Facebook friends from high school that annoys you, offends you, or gets on your nerves.

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Think about it — you won't have to read their lengthy rants during election seasons or any major political news cycle.

You won't be on the receiving end of their angry and jarring comments when they disagree with you and decide you HAVE to know it.

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And you won't have to know who they're dating right now, where they went on vacation, or what they wore to the bar on Friday night.

Basically, you'd be living the same life online that you're living IRL: one without them.


It's one of the most liberating feelings in the world and the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Trust me.

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Just do it.

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