18 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Girl Meets World"

Cory Matthews already met the world. Now it’s Riley’s turn.

1. Girl Meets World, Disney Channel’s new series and spinoff from Boy Meets World, has a little something in it for everyone.

2. Older fans get to pick up with their favorite Boy Meets World characters and see how they ended up.


3. And younger fans can also enjoy the new Matthews family, Auggie and Riley.

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4. Cory, who now goes by Mr. Matthews, is following in Mr. Feeny’s shoes as a pretty inspiring teacher.


5. And is still trying to figure out life’s happenings as they come.

6. Riley and her best friend Maya are a great example of true friendship.

Disney / Via youtube.com

7. And are ready to take on the world with each other at their sides.

Disney / Via youtube.com

8. But not without getting into a little trouble first, of course.

Disney / Via youtube.com

9. Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter (who play Riley and Maya) even sing the show’s amazing theme song.

10. Lucas, Riley’s crush and likely love interest, is funny *and* adorable.

Disney / Via youtube.com

11. Plus, Riley and Maya’s other friend, Farkle, keeps every episode full of smiles and laughs.

Disney / Via youtube.com

12. Not to mention, Farkle’s dad looks like he isn’t a stranger to Cory and Topanga, either.

Disney / Via youtube.com

13. Cory and Auggie have a have a sweet and playful relationship.

Disney / Via youtube.com

14. In fact, the whole Matthews family is fun to watch on TV together.

15. And we can look forward to future episodes including some of our other favorite Boy Meets World cast members.

16. Girl Meets World is full of humor, spunk, and heartwarming moments — an unbeatable combination for any sitcom.

Disney / Via youtube.com

17. And is also abundant with important advice and lessons.


18. Because, as Boy Meets World fans already know, you’re never really done learning.


The show, which just got renewed for a second season, airs every Friday night on Disney — make sure you check it out!

Disney / Via youtube.com

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