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18 Questions Teenagers Have About College

"Will I ever be able to pay off my college debts?"

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We recently asked teenagers in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us questions they might have about adulthood. Here are the results.

1. "How will I know what courses I should take?"

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Submitted by aesthetic

2. "How do you keep in touch with friends from high school, especially if they're planning on going to college far away from you?"

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Submitted by byrdce

3. "Is going to a really good (and therefore expensive) college worth it for undergrad?"

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Submitted by nolegirl1423

4. "Is staying focused in college as hard as adults say it is?"

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Submitted by marisolelenac

5. "Are parties at major universities *that* distracting that you flunk out?"

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Submitted by marisolelenac

6. "Is it hard to get a job right out of college?"

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Submitted by kagriff

7. "Career-wise, is it better to choose a major that I'm not that passionate about but it will be easier to find a job, or a major that I really like but the career paths aren't that wide?"

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Submitted by Mira Toliou (Facebook)

8. "On a scale of 1 to NOPE, how bad of an idea are student loans?"

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Submitted by Colleen Magee-Uhlik (Facebook)

9. "If you're talented at Liberal Arts and nothing else, is it OK to try to make a career out of it?"

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Submitted by Ellie Agler (Facebook)

10. "Besides having the typical 'college experience,' is it really worth going to a four-year college?"

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Submitted by Sydney Elaine Andrews (Facebook)

11. "Will it really be as difficult as I've heard to get a job after getting a degree in English?"

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Submitted by Alyssa Meekins (Facebook)

12. "Will I ever be able to pay off my college debts?"

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Submitted by sarangarielle

13. "How important is it to go to college versus just getting a job after I graduate?"

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Submitted by Hannah Fischer (Facebook)

14. "How do you make new friends once you're there?"

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Submitted by eruthkacz

15. "Do you recommend sharing a college dorm with someone you already know or someone new?"

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Submitted by eruthkacz

16. "What kind of job can I get with a degree in Visual Fine Arts?"


Submitted by Sabrina M. Glover (Facebook)

17. "Should I switch my major to something more practical?"


Submitted by Sabrina M. Glover (Facebook)

18. "Why does college cost so damn much?"

Submitted by lillyallbright
Warner Bros. Television / Via

Submitted by lillyallbright

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