17 Powerful Statements About Why You Shouldn’t Use Offensive Language

“I don’t say ‘tranny’ because it takes away people’s agency to define their gender identity.”

Two student organizations at Duke are raising awareness about offensive words we use in everyday conversation with their “You Don’t Say” campaign.

Fiona McCrossin, one of the student participants, told BuzzFeed in an email: “I am doing this project because language is a reflection of our culture as a whole and it contributes to a person’s understanding of what is ‘normal’ or ‘good.’ We hope to start conversations about the cultural practices that these words reflect and start to change the hostile environment that they create. I personally chose not to use these words because I want to contribute to that change as much as possible. I encourage people to do the same, but I understand if they do not wish to.”

Here are 17 of the campaign’s featured photos:

You can follow the “You Don’t Say” campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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