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Poll: The Hardest Question Every "Friends" Fan Needs To Answer

Were they "ON A BREAK"?

Ross and Rachel from Friends are one of TV's most beloved couples.

But like everyone else, they had their problems.

After they finally got together in Season 2, Ross and Rachel hit a rough patch in Season 3.

In "The One Where Ross & Rachel Take a Break", the two get into a major fight that leads to Rachel saying, "Maybe we should just take a break."

Ross responds by leaving the apartment, slamming the door behind him. But apparently they had different ideas about what a "break" is.

He meets up with Chandler and Joey at a bar.

And explains his understanding of what just happened between him and Rachel.

Meanwhile, Rachel calls her friend Mark from work to come over and explains her side of the story.

When he's out at the bar, Ross calls Rachel to try and work things out.

That is, until he hears Mark in the background and thinks something else is going on.

So Ross stays at the bar, has a few more drinks, and reluctantly hooks up with Chloe aka "the hot girl from the copy center."

While this is happening, Rachel's sitting at home wallowing by herself and "With or Without You" plays in the background. She also tries to call Ross at home one more time.

The next morning, Rachel tells Monica about what went on the night before.

At this point, she uses the phrase "kinda broke up" to describe what happened.

A hungover Ross wakes up to Chloe in his apartment.

And when Rachel comes over to make up, Ross hides Chloe behind the door.

The two are temporarily on good terms.

Ross goes out of his way to tell everyone NOT to let the news about Chloe slip to Rachel, but she finds out anyway and is devastated.

He tries to justify his one-night stand by explaining he thought they were officially broken up "forever."

When the rest of the group is listening from inside Monica's bedroom, Chandler uses the word "cheat" to describe what Ross did.

And Ross tries to tell Rachel that under any other circumstance, he would never "cheat."

Even the other friends think what Ross did was wrong.

But he insists it should be OK because of the technicality.

And Ross's famous line, "We were on a break" becomes a running theme throughout the rest of the series.