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Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour At Madison Square Garden Was Literally Perfect

“First night at the Garden, I feel like D. Rose.”

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This doesn't make me any more special or different than the rest of you who love Drake — it just means I'm one of millions of fans who enjoy listening to the former Degrassi star turned hip hop icon.

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Here are a couple of co-workers and I on Halloween. I'm wearing the black OVO T-shirt and "woes" hat.


Yep...totally just like the rest of you.

.@Drake shrine coming along pretty well if I do say so myself

The first time I saw Drake perform live was on April 30, 2010 when he came to Syracuse University.

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Before the four platinum albums, sold-out world tours, and Billboard top 100 charts; before the Grammys and collaborations with artists like Jay Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna; before the beard and body building glow up up that no one in this world was prepared for; before "YOLO" transcended from a simple chorus lyric to a *motto* of our generation, I just loved a rapper from Canada named Aubrey Drake Graham. I knew that he used to be on a show I grew up watching called Degrassi: The Next Generation, and I knew that he had mixtapes and was featured on songs by other rappers I listened to.

He provided the soundtrack to my young adult life — my college friends and I listened to Comeback Season and So Far Gone at house parties when we were too young to drink even the cheapest beer at the bars, I threw on his softer jams when cute guys I liked came over, and we'd also put on some Drake while doing homework and having conversations about our lives, both mundane and important. With meaningful lyrics and fun beats, Drake's music is as diverse as the different scenarios in which we played it. I knew I loved him and the things his music made me feel, because what do we honestly pay more attention to in our early twenties besides the things that make us feel?

I had no idea this rapper would go on to shape my life by continuing to create soundtracks to my life — music that I still listen to while I commute to work, hang out with friends, dance at bars, and everything else in between. Drake's show in Syracuse meant a lot to me because it was the first time I saw him live and it provided us with a glimpse into his artistry before all the superstardom that we may have otherwise missed if we weren't paying close enough attention.

Here's a crappy picture I took at the concert. IMPORTANT NOTE: It's not crappy because Drake LOOKS bad, but because the year was 2010, I had yet to purchase an iPhone, and therefore I was still using a point and shoot digital camera to capture my favorite memories.


Fast forward six years into my love and appreciation for the artist that is Drake: I found myself at the 6th annual OVO Fest in Toronto, Canada.

At the very last minute, my friend Molly and I bought tickets, drove 10 hours, and experienced one of the most epic concerts Drake probably ever headlined. Five days after dropping "Back to Back" — his diss track aimed at Meek Mill that eventually won a Grammy and became a club banger — Drake put on a show for his home city that not only put the two rappers' entire beef to rest with a L heading in Meek's direction, but he honored the things Drake's fans love most about him: loyalty, friendship, and good vibes only.


~Obviously~ I wanted ALL the merch, but I practiced self-restraint and just gazed on in admiration, instead.

Unfortunately, Christen took this as an opportunity to make fun of me on Snapchat. (As usual.)

After getting through security and waiting in line for a couple of drinks, the moment finally arrived. A little after 9:00, Drake took the stage, rapping along to "Summer Sixteen."

After performing "Summer Sixteen," Drake surprised everyone and dropped a freestyle verse aimed at Funkmaster Flex because of their ongoing beef.

Drake kicked off his #SummerSixteen run at MSG by dissing Funk Flex and hot 97

“First night at the Garden, I feel like D. Rose.”


This was the first time I ever saw Drake perform his classics like "Take Care," "HYFR," the new hits off Views, and even his latest features like his verse on "Work."

~if you had a twin i would still choose you~ #SummerSixteenTour

Unfortunately, Rihanna wasn't around to jump on stage with him. :(

Most importantly, in the middle of performing "Hold On, We're Going Home," Drake semi-joined us in the crowd by way of lift and was literally this close to me.


By the time Future came out to perform some of his own songs (and his songs with Drake, of course), we were READY.

FBG OVO hundred percent.

The whole crowd was hype AF, and rightfully so.


Drake stayed on stage for HOURS and performed nearly every song we love him for.

Drake's #SummerSixteenTour at MSG was basically the best night of my summer

But like all good things, this too had to come to an end. At least I slept well that night knowing I had breathed the same air as Drake and was fortunate enough to experience one of the best tours of the summer.


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