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    79 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Cast Of "Friends" Reunite

    OH! MY! GOD! *Janice voice*



    2. Aw, Joey and Rachel look like they're at the Soapies.

    3. How long are they going to wait to interview the Friends cast?

    4. Are they seriously interviewing them last?

    5. Yep, of course they are.


    7. I hope their interview lasts longer than everyone else's did. Ten minutes is NOT enough time.

    8. *screams* AHHHHH THEY'RE SO CUTE.

    9. I hope my roommate doesn't think I'm crazy.

    10. Maybe I am crazy.

    NBC / Via Netflix

    11. I'm not ready for this. My heart can't take it.

    12. OMG! Matthew Perry's face! He sent a video from London!

    13. I'm still annoyed he thinks his new play is more important than his 20+ year friendships but WHATEVER.

    14. Lol, what a coincidence. He's...IN LONDON *Joey voice.*

    15. JK I'm not annoyed at him I could never be annoyed at Miss Chanandler Bong.

    16. Awwwww he said, "Please welcome to the stage MY FRIENDS." He loves them! They're all friends!

    17. The fact that they're actually friends in real life, or at least used to be, kills me. It kills 18. me dead.

    19. And now it's about to really begin!


    21. I'm so nervous I feel nauseous.


    22. They all still look incredible.

    23. Why are they being so awkward about arranging their seats?

    24. It looks like Lisa Kudrow wanted to sit next to Courteney Cox.

    25. Ugh, but David Schwimmer already sat between Kudrow and Cox. DAMMIT, ROSS.

    26. And Jennifer Aniston wanted to sit next to Courteney, too! But Matt LeBlanc made her move?!

    27. Ugh, the girls just wanted to be together!

    28. Did he literally just throw her over his lap to other side of the couch?

    29. Nice spin move, Jen.

    30. Wow, it's so amazing to see them sitting there all together after all these years.

    31. Okay now I'm crying.


    32. I can't believe Chan isn't there. :(

    33. It's not the same without Matthew Perry. He would've been cracking jokes left and right.

    34. Their chemistry is still undeniable! After all this time, too!

    35. Is it just me, or do they all kind of act like their characters??

    36. Maybe over the course of time they're just kind of morphed into versions of their characters.

    37. Yep, not just me. Lisa Kudrow IS Phoebe.

    38. It'd be hilarious if Gunther just popped out somewhere.

    39. Gunther really was the best.

    40. Omg, Jen just said they went through everything together! "...Friendship, family, heartbreak, babies…"

    41. Great, now I'm crying again.


    42. Jen was totally subbing Brad Pitt and David Arquette when she said, "heartbreak."

    43. Ahhhh I can't believe they used to watch Season 1 together when it aired live!

    44. I wonder who had the best house or apartment at the time.

    45. I bet Courteney always had everyone over. Monica is always the hostess.

    46. Man, that poker episode was such a classic.

    47. I forgot Courteney was a guest star on Seinfeld!

    48. Good thing they didn't make her a regular — Monica was her true calling.

    49. Hmmmmmm sex contracts...I wonder if they just acted so awkwardly because they actually DID agree not to have sex with each other?

    50. They seem to love each other too much as friends to have messed that up.

    51. Although, they were really young when they started working together.

    52. Plus, I'm single...what do I even know?


    53. Courteney is SO proud that she ate lunch "every day for 10 years" with Aniston and Kudrow.

    54. I wonder what they talked about at lunch.

    55. I would watch a sitcom just based on that, to be honest.

    56. Lol LeBlanc is so defensive!

    57. *Heartsplode* Even THEY call themselves "the girls" and "the boys."

    58. I obviously love him...but...what's up with Matt LeBlanc's voice?

    59. Jen is so not a Monica, and Courteney is definitely not anything like Rachel.

    60. They even knew each other well enough to know that wouldn't work back then. <3 <3 <3

    61. The casting for this show was seriously perfect.

    62. LOL at Lisa cutting off David! That interaction was literally Phoebes and Ross to a T.


    63. "The One With George Stephanopoulos" is such a classic.

    64. OMG Matt's reenacting the scene when he's sitting in the hospital room with Ross and putting the hockey puck to his face! He's doing it!

    65. How does Jen NOT remember this episode?

    66. I guess they don't rewatch the show every single night before they go to sleep like the rest of us.

    67. Awwww and Courteney likes "The One With the Blackout!" Another classic!

    68. Paolo's cat jumping on his back while he tries to talk to Rachel is pretty much peak Ross.

    69. I love how they love episodes from Season 1.

    70. Yaaaaas flashback episodes!

    71. Jen just got so mad when Andy asked how Monica could afford to live in that gorgeous, New York City apartment.

    72. It sounds like she's probably had to explain the answer to that question before.


    73. Why can't I inherit a huge rent controlled apartment in the heart of the West Village?

    74. A girl can dream.

    75. Can you believe that a live audience used to actually watch these guys film every single episode together?

    76. Did they realize they were witnessing history?!

    77. I wonder what they did after this ended. Maybe they grabbed a cup of coffee?

    78. They really do look like a fun gang.

    79. I wish this could go on forever.