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    Lauren Graham Wants To Play Lorelai Gilmore Again And All Is Right In The World

    Lauren Graham, aka Lorelai Gilmore, was her usual charming self in a Reddit AMA yesterday.

    On Gilmore Girls.

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    Q: "Are you addicted to coffee as much as Lorelai was in Gilmore Girls?"

    Graham: "Sadly, yes. I drink it all day."

    Q: "Was Melissa McCarthy hilarious to work with in Gilmore Girls? I love that many of the cast of that show went on to have such great acting careers!"

    Graham: "Truly hilarious and kind on set, and then I'd go see her in Groundlings and be blown away by the characters she created."

    Q: "Is Luke, Scott Patterson, a good kisser?"

    Graham: "He's an excellent kisser, but all movie kisses are weird, since you're trying to have an intimate moment in front of a hundred people."

    Q: "Did you have a good relationship with Alexis, do you still see her? You guys made such a great mother/daughter combination."

    Graham: "Love her, we'll always have a special bond. Saw her in NY not too long ago. I had a nice lunch with TV mom Kelly and Amy S.P. as well. We went to Joe Allen, one of my faves."

    Q: "Big fan of Gilmore Girls, will there ever be a movie?"

    Graham: "I honestly don't know. I appreciate how many have asked. That character was so special - I wonder what happens to her too!"

    On Parenthood.

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    Q: "How much of the dialogue on Parenthood is improv? Also you're beautiful."

    Graham: "It's a weird and wonderful mash-up of scripted and improvised. I've never gotten to do that on a show and I love it. Also, YOU'RE beautiful."

    Q: "Which cast members do you hang out with the most when you're off set?"

    Graham: "I see Mae and Miles a lot. Mae and I have started taking Pilates. Ouch!"

    Q: "Who out of the cast on Parenthood is the most similar to their character?"

    Graham: "Hard to say. Dax is an extremely funny guy who is also a super dedicated family man - like Crosby. And Peter is obviously perfect, just like Adam. :)"

    On her acting career.

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    Q: "You always seem to have so much fun on Craig Ferguson's show. How much is just TV and how much is real?"

    Graham: "I love doing that show, and there's no way to fake that kind of genuine affection. We just have a weird/fun connection."

    Q: "Do you still keep in touch with Connie Britton? Would you ever consider being on Nashville?"

    Graham: "Connie and I moved to LA together and lived in an empty house, where all I remember us eating were Rice Krispie treats. She's still a friend, but now we both have furniture!"

    Q: "Is there one role you wish you'd never agreed to take?"

    Graham: "Not really. I probably learned as much or more from the projects that didn't turn out as I hoped."

    On where she'd like to travel, how to be awesome, and such.

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    Q: "5 things you can't leave home without."

    Graham: "Notebook, pen (le pen is my favorite), book, lip balm, phone (of course)."

    Q: "Top 3 things you love to do when you're in NYC!"

    Graham: "I love to walk, anywhere really, but especially over the Brooklyn Bridge, shop with my sister, eat at Momofuku."

    Q: "If you could pick place to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?"

    Graham: "We're choosing where to go on vacation, so this has actually been the topic of discussion in our house for weeks! Japan, maybe?"

    Q: "What is your #1 tip for other people trying to be as awesome as you?"

    Graham: "Be friends with awesome people who tell you you're awesome."

    On Someday, Someday, Maybe and writing.

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    Q: "What was the hardest part about writing your book?"

    Graham: "As much as I wished it would, the book wouldn't write itself! Sitting down every day and trying not to look at shoes on Zappos was the hardest part."

    Q: "How did you decide how much of your real life would be reflected in the book and how much of it would be fictional?"

    Graham: "It's less autobiographical than people think. I started with a world I'm familiar with, but most of the details are invented."


    Graham: "I'm writing a sequel! Franny gets a job, and spends a year in LA where she realizes she's too pale to drive a convertible (autobiographical alert!)."

    Q: "What authors inspired you or have influenced your own writing?"

    Graham: "Now that I know what it takes to finish a book, I'm even more inspired by everything I read. Two recent favorites: Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen, and Helen Fielding's Mad About the Boy."

    Q: "I have been trying to finish my story for years but motivation and inspiration are low, any advice?"

    Graham: "Don't stop working just because it isn't perfect. Get to the end of the story before you judge it. You can always rewrite, but only if it exists!"

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