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    Lane And Kirk From "Gilmore Girls" Are Adorable Friends In Real Life

    Who knew?

    Lane Kim is one of Gilmore Girls' most beloved characters.

    Warner Bros. Television

    And so was his own way.

    Warner Bros. Television

    Now, they're both back together again while filming the Gilmore Girls revival for Netflix.

    It's official. #GilmoreGirls is back. ❤️ Can't wait to share the journey with you.


    And while their characters on the show might seem like an unlikely pair of friends...

    Warner Bros. Television real life, they get along famously!

    Keiko Agena / Via

    Here they are, hanging out together with John Cabrera, aka Brian from Stars Hollow's most talented musical group, Hep Alien.

    Sean Gunn / Via


    Sean Gunn / Via

    More pictures, please!

    Warner Bros. Television / Via Netflix

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