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23 Things Everyone Who Grew Up A Book Nerd Will Understand

Why are you reading? Wouldn't you rather play???

1. When you didn't do your actual homework so you could read your fav book.

#GrowingUpABookNerd skipping homework to finish a book

2. This infamous sentence:

#GrowingUpABooknerd "put your book away, we're eating dinner"

3. Summer reading was your favorite school assignment of the year.

#GrowingUpABookNerd reading all the schools summer reading books when you're only required one

4. And you were known to whip your book out at school during every free minute you had.

Standardized tests days were my favorite cause i got to read all day (after finishing the tests) #GrowingUpABooknerd

5. There will *always* be a special place in your heart for your beloved characters.

#GrowingUpABooknerd getting so upset over the death of a character that your friends and family begin to question your sanity

6. You'd stay up late to read "just one more page."

Not sleeping all night cause you wanna know the end of your book #Growingupabooknerd

But then that obviously turned into more chapter.

And before you knew it, it was the wee hours of the morning and your parents would catch you reading in the dark with your flashlight.

#GrowingUpABooknerd Getting caught reading past your bedtime with a flashlight when you were little and getting scolded for it.

7. Sleeping wasn't a huge priority.

#GrowingUpABooknerd Mom walks in the room in the morning; *me wide awake with a book in hand* Mom: you didn't sleep at all did you? Me: 😬

8. Waiting for sequels was a fate worse than death.

#GrowingUpABookNerd that crushing feeling when you finish an amazing book and u have to wait a year for the sequel/there is no sequel


#GrowingUpABooknerd "why read the book when you can just see the movie? reading is so boring..." me:

10. All of your allowance money went straight to the bookstore.

You spent so much time there that it even felt like home.

#GrowingUpABooknerd feeling at home whenever you enter a book store or library 😍

"Just five more minutes," was one of your catchphrases.

"Let's go into the bookshop, I'm only looking, I won't be long." 5 hours later... "Sorry, I'll only be another minute." #GrowingUpABooknerd

11. You never understood why people tried to force you to play outside when reading is obviously better for your mind.

#growingupabooknerd "why are you reading? Wouldn't you rather play???"

And WAY more fun.

#GrowingUpABooknerd on a beach vacation Family: Come in the water Me: okay okay one more chapter !

12. The face you'd make when you didn't have time to make small talk because your book was waiting for you:

#GrowingUpABooknerd whenever you're reading and someone won't stop talking to you.

13. You enjoyed spending time with your fictional friends just as much as your real friends.

#growingupabooknerd is hard when all your friends wants to play instead.

Maybe even more than your real friends.

#GrowingUpABooknerd telling your friends you're ill so you can stay home and read

14. You couldn't ever make up your mind about what to read next.

I just carried 5 books around books a million trying to decide on one and it was extremely nerve racking #GrowingUpABooknerd

And you knew that options = key.

#GrowingUpABooknerd always always always carrying around at least two books. Ya know, just in case you finished the first.

15. Alone time didn't feel quite so lonely.

16. Your punishments were always ~ different ~ from everyone else's.

#GrowingUpABooknerd the only time you really got into trouble at school was when you got caught reading under the desk during lessons

17. So you tried your hardest not to get in trouble.

#GrowingUpABooknerd when your parents threaten to take your books away instead of your cellphone.

18. Two words: Harry Potter.

#GrowingUpABooknerd you have a shrine just for your copy of all the harry potter books,

J.K. Rowling literally defined your childhood.

#GrowingUpABooknerd being convinced that your Hogwarts letter is just lost and will come eventually, despite being several years late

19. That feeling when you weren't ready to let a good book go, even after you were done reading.

#GrowingUpABooknerd Feeling the need to re-read the same book for days, even weeks..

20. You brought the book you were reading with you everywhere you go. Why would you put it down?

#GrowingUpABooknerd taking your book to restaurants and getting weird looks.

21. When you loved a book so much you wished you could relive again for the first time.

#GrowingUpABooknerd wishing you could go back in time just to experience reading a book all over again

22. You never, ever, ever wanted to actually read the last sentence.

Basically end up like this when you have just finished a really good series/book: #GrowingUpABooknerd

23. And you knew exactly what made reading so magical.

#GrowingUpABooknerd you end up traveling to far away places and living thousands of lives all before you graduate high school. 📚