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Judah Friedlander's Opinion On 15 Random Things

The 30 Rock star, stand-up comedian, and author stopped by BuzzFeed and played a round of word association.

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1. Whole Foods

Prison labor.

2. Yoga

Hundred dollar pants.

3. Skyscrapers

Heaven ticklers.

4. Used books

I like that.

5. Cartoons

Hit or miss.

6. Donald Trump

An asshole. Sometimes likable but basically an asshole.

7. Hotline Bling

I don't know what that is.

8. Drake

Canadian, so, you know, second place.

9. Thanksgiving


10. Selfie sticks

Rebranding. They've been around since before they were called selfie sticks.

11. Hats

Keeps your head warm.

12. Minions

I don't like the way the word sounds. It sounds oppressive.

13. Black Friday


14. Brunch

I'm against brunch because I'm against corporate mergers.

15. Liz Lemon

Very cool.