15 Tweets About Riley Curry Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    If young Riley don't trust you...

    Last night, Steph Curry accepted the NBA's MVP award for the second year in a row.

    His beautiful family was also in attendance. It wouldn't be a memorable night if he didn't share it with the most important women in his life: Ayesha, Riley, and Ryan Curry.

    At first, it looked like Riley was a little shy.

    But it didn't take her long to get comfortable and, once again, completely steal the show.

    #Warriors star #StephCurry may be #NBAMVP, but daughter #RileyCurry stole the show again! https://t.co/sSXL7eAEhB https://t.co/atB1BRwqDk

    In the middle of the press conference, Riley walked over to sit with her mom...

    ...but not before letting the reporters know SHE WAS WATCHING.

    She's ALWAYS watching.

    The internet had a field day when everyone caught wind of this iconic 3-year-old's latest antics. Here are some of the best ones:



    Gonna start walking into the office like this


    If young riley don't trust you....


    When you see the person that owes you money posting about something that they bought #OnHere


    "This goes out to you. This goes out to you, and you, and you..." - Riley Curry https://t.co/QbiCz8zpRD


    Riley Curry reminding the media who to vote for next year…or else 👀 (via @abc7newsBayArea)


    when they can't subtweet you to your face https://t.co/DZVwRajAOC


    When your classmate has been talking behind your back and you wanna settle the beef after school


    When you graduating and you see that one teacher that tried to keep you from getting there


    When you've got your eye on your haters 👀


    "Just know it always gets back to me."https://t.co/e1hkhnN9B9


    "Don't think I don't remember all those pre-season polls"


    "Which one of you was it who voted Kawhi over my dad and then scribbled it out at the last second ... You? You?"


    When you walk through the party and see that one cat that hopped in your shorty’s DM’s.


    Never change, Riley.

    The new family portrait! #LeanInTogether 🏆🏆

    Never change.