Drake And Rihanna Kissed In Public Again, RIP All Of Us


    In the past week or so, Drake and Rihanna have gone from a couple of flirtatious performers who have a lengthy romantic history...

    ...to the world's CUTEST COUPLE.

    After the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, the pair have been seen together all over the place, from New York City to Miami.

    Rih slept over at Drake's hotel on Sunday and went to Nobu on Monday wearing his VMAs shirt as a dress. Screaming.

    And last night at Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour stop in Miami, Rihanna surprised everyone on stage for a few songs. She performed "Bitch Better Have My Money."

    And then Drake and Rihanna sang "Work" for the crowd.

    Even though they've been doing this for a while now, things seemed...different...this time around.

    Almost like they were closer than ever.

    Oh and did I mention that they kissed?

    Like, a for-real, no-curve KISS!!!

    I'm dead now, RIP me.