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Even Famous Celebrities Are Melting Down Over The Dress

Yes, Kim and Kanye know what The Dress is. #WhatIsColorAnyway

By now, you're familiar with The Dress that is testing our limits and tearing all of us apart.

People are unsure whether The Dress is white and gold or if it's blue and black.

And as it turns out, celebrities are just as curious as the rest of us.

Jimmy Fallon is Team Gold and White.

. @questlove it's clearly #goldandwhite #TheDress

So is Bethenny Frankel.

That dress is white and gold and the jacket a shimmery blue silver. Why is this a question? #whiteandgold

Sara Bareilles also thinks the dress is white and gold.

But Josh Groban thinks The Dress is blue and black.

@SaraBareilles @questlove blue and black

As does the Biebs.

And for everyone asking I see blue and black

Demi Lovato is shocked that people see white and gold in The Dress.

Hold on.... So people actually see white and gold....??!! 😰😱

And Taylor Swift has also spoken.

I don't understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it's a trick somehow. I'm confused and scared. PS it's OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has made up some colors of her own.

It's blue & brown. Period. Next? #whatcoloristhisdress

Mindy Kaling *knows* The Dress is black and blue.


Because it's an objective truth.

I think I'm getting so mad about the dress because it's an assault on what I believe is objective truth.

B.J. Novak thinks The Dress is white and gold.

And Julianne Moore agrees.

@mindykaling @bjnovak what's the matter with u guys, it's white and gold.

Ellen understands the significance of this cultural moment.

From this day on, the world will be divided into two people. Blue & black, or white & gold. http://t.co/xJeR7GldwP

Of course, James Franco thinks The Dress is "VIOLET AND BLACK!"

Dress controversy... VIOLET and BLACK! Obvs. https://t.co/uQLbu9km5G

Twitter philosopher Jaden Smith sees black and blue "as of now."

Rashida Jones understands how serious the Dress Divide is.

Is this how they divvy up the districts in the real life version of The Hunger Games??? #whiteandgold #blueandblack

Allison Williams is Team White and Gold "obviously." #WhatIsColorAnyway

Sarah Hyland doesn't really know what today was all about.

Today has been a day of wonder. Llamas and color changing dresses. What is happening in 2015?

And Emmy Rossum doesn't get why her boyfriend won't quit his job to help her figure it out.

Trying to reach my bf to see if he thinks blue/blk or white/gold but apparently he's "in a meeting". Does he not get how important this is?

Kal Penn is trying to stay positive.

Meanwhile, Zach Braff is asking the important questions.

Is it even a dress? #blessed #alexfromtarget

Mark Hoppus says The Dress is black and blue.

The dress is black and blue, by the way. I suspect anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Kat Dennings sees white and gold and feels like she's going a little nuts.

THE DRESS IS WHITE AND GOLD and the fact that I don't see any black in it is making me NUTS

Lisa Vanderpump: Team Black and Blue.

Ok beat me black and blue...I see no gold anymore

David Duchovny specifically thinks it's ~Teal~.

Pete Davidson doesn't know...anything...?


And Lucy Hale is confused.

i saw white and gold, then i saw blue and black. now I'm confused.

Zendaya's seen BOTH sets of colors on The Dress.

So it's deff white and gold but then I just saw it as black and blue too.....TRIIIPPPPYYYYY #imdonewiththeinternet 😂😂😂

Ariana Grande is just fed up.

if one more person asks me what color i think this damn dress is

Here's what color Miley Cyrus thinks The Dress is:

And a meme she thought was funny:

Even the King and Kween of fashion shared their verdict on The Dress:

What color is that dress? I see white & gold. Kanye sees black & blue, who is color blind?

But Chrissy Teigen's opinion might be the most important of them all: