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Jackie Cruz Stopped Judging People In Prison Because Of "Orange Is The New Black"

Flaca for president.

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Jackie Cruz is the actor who plays Marisol Gonzales, better known as Flaca, on Orange Is the New Black.


Her character has come a long way in the past four seasons...


...and, it turns out, so has Jackie.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Via Getty Images

At a premiere event for the show hosted by the Women’s Prison Association, the actor told BuzzFeed that she learned a major life lesson from her experiences on Orange Is the New Black.

Photo courtesy of Mangue Banzima

"I'm not judgmental anymore. I used to be, a little bit, ’cause I have family members who went to prison and I was like, 'He's a bad man. He's a bad guy,'" she said.

Photo courtesy of Mangue Banzima

"And honestly it depends on who it is, but you can't judge the whole community who's in prison. So yeah, I feel like I'm less judgmental about people. I used to judge my own character until I learned her backstory, and that was three years in."

Photo courtesy of Mangue Banzima

And when we asked if she had any advice she would give her younger self, she had a quick, powerful response:

Photo courtesy of Mangue Banzima

Thanks for all the wisdom, Flaca!

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