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Here's The First Look At Chuck Palahniuk's Coloring Book For Adults

"Bait will change, forever, what people expect from both story collections and coloring books," the author told BuzzFeed.

Chuck Palahniuk, known author of novels like Fight Club and Lullaby, has a different kind of project coming out this fall.

David Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

The author exclusively told BuzzFeed he's releasing his first-ever coloring book for adults with Dark Horse Books titled Bait: Off-Color Stories for You to Color.

Courtesy of Dark Horse

The book is a short story collection featuring eight brand new stories written by the author including nearly 50 original illustrations by comic book artists for readers to color.

Illustrated by Duncan Fegredo, Courtesy of Dark Horse

Illustrators Lee Bermejo, Duncan Fegredo, and Joëlle Jones have worked on comics like The Suiciders, Hellboy, and Lady Killer.

Illustrated by Kirbi Fagan, Courtesy of Dark Horse

Here's the complete list of illustrators: Lee Bermejo, Kirbi Fagan, Duncan Fegredo, Alise Gluskova, Joelle Jones, Steve Morris, Tony Puryear and Marc Scheff.

Palahniuk told BuzzFeed in an email he's excited to include his readers in the creative, storytelling process with this coloring book.

Illustrated by Steve Morris, Courtesy of Dark Horse

Here's his full statement:

"Many of my readers are creatives so I'm excited to include them in the storytelling process. Instead of being a gift that's simply bought and presented, Bait allows the giver or receiver to personalize the finished book. The illustrations will run the gamut from delightful to shocking. The artists are among my favorites in the world, and their works take these new stories — the best I've ever written — to a bold, new level. Bait will change, forever, what people expect from both story collections and coloring books."

Bait: Off-Color Stories for You to Color goes on sale this fall.

Courtesy of Dark Horse

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