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27 Faces Everyone Who Just Got Paid Will Recognize Immediately


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1. When your direct deposit first hits your bank account:

HELL YEAH lol “@GotMyEdgesMami: When direct deposit hits your account ”

2. When you envision the glorious outfit you can buy this weekend:

sitting here shopping for gov ball outfits with $10 its all good tho because when that direct deposit hits on thurs

3. When you realize you can finally order Seamless again:

When that direct deposit hits after being hungry for a day or two.

4. When you're feeling blessed AF at the sight of a higher number in your bank account:

When the direct deposit hits a day early..

5. When you can finally go all out on Friday instead of staying home and watching Netflix:


6. When you have enough money to spot your friend until they can pay you back:

“@graceilanaaa: Me when my direct deposit hits ” @am7_eraa it was gonna be so vicious 😂

7. When the end of the month sneaks up on you and you forgot your paycheck was coming:

My face when my direct deposit hits and I was down to my last dollar

8. When you get your first paycheck after your big raise:

when ur tax refund hits direct deposit and u see ur account balance

9. When you get your paycheck but remember you also have to pay rent:

REAL!!! RT @In_A_YamChele When direct deposit hits then you realize you gotta pay first of the month bills.

10. When your direct deposit hits one day before you thought it would:

When an unexpected direct deposit hits your account

11. When you no longer have to worry about the minimum balance on your account:

When you get the notification that your direct deposit hits

12. When all you can see is the cash you're about to spend:

when the tax return and direct deposit hits on the same day

13. When you decide that this weekend, you WILL go to a bar that has a cover charge:

When your tax refund hits that direct deposit.

14. When you feel like one of your rich friends, if only for a moment:

15. When you remember you still have to pay your electric and cable bills:

When that direct deposit hits but you know them bills bout to come right out that account 😩😩😩😩

16. When your date reaches for the bill and you're like, "Nah, today I got this:"

When that direct deposit hits my account at midnight…

17. When you just got paid but your friends haven't so they can't turn up with you:

When the direct deposit hits my account 😂😂

18. When you don't have to buy store brand cereal at the grocery store:

“@RandomlyJohnny: When that direct deposit hits a day earlier ” that's literally me right now

19. When you're feeling ambitious and buy rounds of shots at the club:

When my Direct Deposit hits With my Overtime on it tonight 😌

20. When you already spent everything in a day and still need to pay rent:

Me when my direct deposit hits vs me when it's pretty much gone lmao

21. When you tip your waiter 20% instead of your usual 15%:

“@lexuss27: When that direct deposit hits at 12. ” I get mine at 2:30 am 😢

22. When you pay for your Starbucks without giving the cashier exact change:

How I feel when that direct deposit hits at 12am 💸

23. When you realize all your hard work actually does pay off and you have a newfound appreciation for your job:

When direct deposit hits a day early #WontHeDoIt #ThankYouJesus #Hardwork #Grindtime

24. When you make plans to treat yourself to a day of luxury:

This gonna be me when my direct deposit hits tonight.

25. When you go out to dinner and order an appetizer, drink, and main dish because you CAN:

When u wake up and ur job put in a little holiday bonus and it's a day before pay day

26. When you feel like you will never know what it's like to be poor again:

when you get an email from your accountant stating he filed your return sans direct deposit accident


That moment when you check your account & realize it's pay day...

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