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Every Year Of Your Teens, Ranked From Worst To Best

Nineteen-year-olds just shouldn't be considered "teens."

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7. Age 19

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Being 19 is the worst year of all the teen years because you really shouldn't even be considered a teenager anymore. You're so close to being in your twenties, and it *really* feels like you're in them since you're in college, dating, and living your life mostly independently and your own. But you're still just nineTEEN; you're still categorized with people seven years your junior, and a lot happens in those seven years that really differentiates you from someone who's 13. You feel like an adult, you [usually] act like a grown adult, but are you actually an adult if there's a teen at the end of your age?

6. Age 14


There are few things quite as scary, stressful, and overwhelming as entering your freshman year of high school. When you're 14, you're new to being a teenager, but not in the same exciting way as when you're 13 — instead, this lack of experience, knowledge, and understanding is usually cause for both anxiety and concern. No one likes being stuck in the middle.

5. Age 15

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Fifteen is one of the more boring time periods of all your teen years. It's not so bad but it's not so great, either. You're slowly getting further and further away from being the awkward 13-year-old you once were, but nothing exciting is really going on in your life. You're *so* close to 16, yet so far. Being 15 is best described in one word: blah.

4. Age 18

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Turning 18 is one of the true marks of entering adulthood. You have your independence and start getting treated like more of an adult, which is great. Unfortunately, however, you also have to apply to college, take on more responsibilities, and say good-bye to the fun parts of your high school years. Being entirely carefree is mostly in the past.


3. Age 13

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When you're 13 you're at the top of the heap, as far as teenagers go, at least. Say good-bye to the days of being called a "tween" or "teenybopper" because you're officially a teenager and aren't a part of the weird, in between stages of adolescence. Sure, life is awkward and weird — you're on the cusp of puberty and have a long way to go before you're actually in your cool teen years, when fun shit goes down, but at least you're actually a teen. Plus, you're at the end of your middle school years, so you're older and cooler than the sixth- and seventh-graders.

2. Age 16

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Ah, sweet sixteen. This is when you're on your way to pretty much having it all. You're in the middle of your high school career, which means you're likely over the high school adjustment period and your more awkward days are behind you, but you also don't feel the same amount of stress as older kids who are applying to college and deciding on career paths are. You're old enough to get a job if you want one — plus, in some states you can even get your driver's license and the freedom that comes with that. And it's just cool to be 16! You can go to lots of fun birthday parties and might even have one yourself.

1. Age 17


Things don't really get better than 17 — it's the absolute perfect age to be when you're in your teens. You're old enough to be trusted and have a sense of independence and individuality, but you're also not 18 or 19, when a lot is expected of you. You get to have the same kind of fun with not as much stress, and not to mention you're not as worried about fitting in or being cool as you used to be. Life is what it is, and it's mostly great.