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Drake's Mom Was Extra Adorable At Her Birthday Celebration Last Night

Happy Birthday, Sandi!

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If you know anything about Drake, you know that he loves his mom, Sandi Graham.

He loves her a lot.

You can't really blame him. The lady is clearly full of wisdom.

And shows her son unconditional love and support.

So it's no surprise that yesterday, on her birthday, Drizzy helped his mama celebrate big.

Instagram: @champagnepapi


Drake posted this video of his uncle posing for a photo with Sandi. Not only can his song with Rihanna ("Work") be heard in the background...

Instagram: @champagnepapi

...but his uncle also dabbed to it. What a time to be alive.

Happy Birthday, Mama Graham!

You and the 6 really did raise Drake right <3.

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