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27 Photos Proving This Brazilian Soccer Player’s Selfie Game Is On A Hundred Thousand Trillion

Bless you, David Luiz.

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1. That time David Luiz went swimming.

2. And looked coy while reading a book in bed.

3. Chillin' out with his teammates.

4. And perfecting the art of looking "business-silly."

5. And the other time he was just straight up silly.

6. Who needs to see two eyes when you have one really beautiful eye?

8. That time he missed the memo on the whole "smile" pose.

9. And when he, uh, dressed up for Halloween? (We hope.)

11. The seemingly unsure selfie.

12. Pointing at "this guy" selfie.

14. And bestie teammate selfie.

15. Sun's out, tongues out.

18. David Luiz, expert kissy face maker.

19. Seriously, we're not kidding.

20. Look how much he loves his teammates.

21. And how much fun they have together.

22. OK, maybe he loves himself a little bit, too.

23. But what's not to love?

24. Especially with that attitude.

26. And your selfie taking abilities.

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