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Crush From "Finding Dory" Is Literally The Chillest Turtle Of All Time

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Everyone is already more than excited to see Pixar's Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo, which comes out in less than a month!

Disney / Pixar / Via

There's no doubt it'll make us feel all of our feelings.

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And in a new sneak peek at the movie, we find out that Crush is back!

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He's basically the coolest turtle of all time.

Pixar / Disney / Via
Pixar / Disney / Via

It looks like Crush helps Dory and Nemo get through the Pacific Ocean out in California.

Disney / Pixar / Via

He's like, super chill, bruh.

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Plus, Dory has the cutest theory about how she'll be able to recognize her family and hopefully find them.


Finding Dory comes out in theaters on June 17.

Disney / Pixar

And we LITERALLY can't wait!

Disney / Pixar / Via
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