12 College Of Charleston Students React To Their New President's Neo-Confederate Ties

    "The board of trustees disregarded the opinions and feelings of over 80% of the faculty, staff, and students when they decided to select Glenn McConnell as the next president of our college."

    On March 22, Lieutenant Governor Glenn McConnell was selected to be the next president of the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C. The decision, made by the college's board of trustees, has been a controversial one.

    Not only have community members expressed concern about McConnell's lack of experience when it comes to higher education, but students and faculty at the College of Charleston also take up an issue with his close ties to neo-Confederates. In addition to protests on campus and alumni threats to stop donations to the school, both the student government and the faculty senate unanimously voted that they have no confidence in the board.

    Here's what 12 College of Charleston students think about Glenn McConnell's recent appointment:

    1. Brandon Upson, class of 2013

    2. Stefan Koester, class of 2014

    3. Cara Lauria, class of 2015

    4. Evan Reinhold, class of 2014

    5. Shelly Guidera, class of 2015

    6. Chris Piedmont, class of 2014

    7. Abby Tennenbaum, class of 2014

    8. Sylvie Baele, class of 2014

    9. Ryan Tyler Spraker, class of 2016

    10. Brandon Fish, class of 2014

    11. Camille Weaver, class of 2014

    12. Adrian Barry, class of 2014