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Carmelo Anthony Made A Snapchat Account As The Ultimate Revenge On His Teammates

He's lookin' for revenge.

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It was only a week ago that we caught a ~real~ glimpse of the inner-workings of the US men's olympic basketball team.

Instagram: @boogiecousins

Apparently singing along to Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" was a fun, goofy experience for everyone...

Instagram: @demar_derozan

...except Carmelo Anthony.

DeMar DeRozan / Via Instagram: @demar_derozan

The whole thing was recorded by his fellow teammates, but Melo will no longer be the victim of unwanted recordings or the butt of everyone's jokes.

DeMar DeRozan / Via Instagram: @demar_derozan

Because he finally got a Snapchat of his own!

Carmelo Anthony / Snapchat

"These are my clown-ass Olympians right here," Anthony said. "New to Snapchat and all that."

Carmelo Anthony / Snapchat
Carmelo Anthony / Snapchat

He's been giving us some insight into the Olympics by way of Snapchat but most importantly, he's roasting his teammates and have a good time.

Uncle Melo really downloaded Snapchat just to roast your favorite NBA players (NSFW) (via 👻 @carmeloanthony)

This is truly a gift to us all.

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