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    Posted on Oct 12, 2015

    Future Gave Drake A Really Big Ring ('Cause He Needs Some Really Nice Things)

    What a time to be alive.

    On Drake and Future's number one Billboard album, What a Time to Be Alive, the rappers muse about how their "team needs some really big rings" on the second track titled, "Big Rings."

    See? They *really* want some big rings.

    And last night, Drizzy revealed that Future actually did something about that.

    While also singing their song "Diamonds Dancing," Drake posted a photo of this ring on Instagram courtesy of "his brother, Future."

    Talk about hotline BLING.

    And look: Here's Drake, his dad, AND his new big ring.

    Better be coming with no strings, amiright?

    Thank you OVOFBG for teaching us this very important lesson: Ask and you shall receive.

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