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    Ayesha Curry Shut Down This Twitter Hater Like A Boss

    Another reason to get you an Ayesha.

    Ayesha Curry is undeniably one of the biggest Golden State Warriors fans ever.

    And supports her husband no matter what.

    On Sunday night when the Warriors played the Cavs in Game 2 of the 2016 NBA Finals, Ayesha sent out a tweet in honor of her husband's team.

    That's when a random Cavs fan and Twitter user apparently sent out this message.

    (He's referring to the two whisks Ayesha Curry is holding in her Twitter picture.)

    The tweet has since been deleted.

    But since Ayesha doesn't have time for any annoying Cavs fans (or really, haters of any kind) she rolled her ~emoji~ eyes and told him "Boy, bye."

    Tell 'em, Ayesha!