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    • Kryshu

      Seth MacFarlane isasatirist. His schtick is not being rude and offensive, his schtick is to skewer sacred cows. If you make politeness and being offended into sacred cows, those cows are gonna get it. Ted isagood example. Ted skewers the sacred cow of innocent, sweet, lovable teddy bears. So his teddy bear isacomplete a-hole. Very funny. So lighten up ladies. You have made feminist issues such sacred cows they begs to be taken down. Stop whining and show the world you can take your licks on the comedic podium. Everybody else has to do it. Religion, politics, actors have to take it and feminists should be able to take it too. Any other response just shows what victims you think you are and how fragile is your sense of self-empowerment. And the Chris Brown/Rihanna joke is totally justified. Brown and Rihanna sat there cuddling at the Grammys giving all those women who stood up for her the finger. So don’t call Seth MacFarlane the sexist. You want to know what is really sexist? The whole obsession with celebrities and gowns and designers, hair, makeup fetishism added to smarmy, bitchy putdowns of those who failed the grade is what is really sexist. Funny no feminist critics picked up on that.

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