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    I Ranked My Top Ten Favorite Anime

    This is gonna get hate, but hey list your top ten in the comments!! ALSO PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT ANIMES OUT THERE SO PLEASE BE KIND TO EACH OTHER ty luv x <3

    10. The Promised Neverland (2019–2021)

    3 children standing on a plate that looks like a plate with a fork and knife made to look like a clock
    Fuji TV

    This is a cool show about an orphanage of gifted children that learn that this isolated place isn't a normal situation! It's a great show and gives me The Hunger Games vibes!

    9. Devils' Line (2018–present)

    animated demon about to bite a woman
    Platinum Vision

    This is SUCH A GOOD romance anime. It deals with vampires and okay okayy I gotta admit this is more of a guilty pleasure anime but I seriously love the relationship duo between Anzai and Tsukasa! (like i want that in real life ughhh)

    8. Elfen Lied (2004)

    two animated girls have large eyes
    Arms/Studio Guts

    Okay this is a kinda old-style poor quality anime, and trigger warning there's a lot of gore and blood in this anime. Although it kinda has an unfinished story line, it kept me on the edge of my seat for all twelve episodes haha! Also, this is a show for an older audience so please don't watch with your family haha!

    7. Kakegurui (2017)

    animated woman with bangs and long hair has eyes and mouth wide showing teeth

    Although the anime can be a little overrated at times, I really like the energy of it! It's like you as the viewer needs to analyze the other characters to see what the're doing to get ahead in a game!

    6. Your Lie in April (2014–2015)

    young animated girl with bangs and ponytail faces the other way holding a musical storage bag and says i&#x27;m a violinist
    Fuji TV

    This is one of the first anime I've watched and I still love it to this day! I love the harmony between Kousei and Kaori. This show also fuels my love for classical music just enough!

    5. Parasyte (2014–2015)

    animated man wears a button down and tie, but holds his hand up and it has an eyeball in the palm, sharp nails

    This show is really good! I cannot express my love for Migi haha and the ending made me so god damn sad ahhh. I'm not the biggest action anime fan, but this one had enough story line and humor that kept it going! Idk if I'm crazy but this show is kinda like if Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul had a baby.

    4. Devilman Crybaby (2018)

    animated man wears a polo and pants, runs out of a mouth with sharp teeth

    This anime makes me very speechless. Like every time I re-watch it, it somehow gets better. If you've never seen this show, be prepared because it made me go through a roller coaster of emotions ahhhh

    3. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995–1996)

    animated characters with eyes closed, sharing earphoones

    I feel like this show just has to be on my list (because it is amazing). I think this show has a lot of depth and I really love the movies they made after. There is so much character development and I fr felt metal stress while watching this show. I think this whole show is just one big mindfuck haha

    2. Death Note (2006–2007)

    animated demon smiles behind an animated man wearing a trenchcoat

    This is also one of the first anime's I've watched and I regret nothing. Given that I've watched this show at least 8 times, I really had fallen in love with each and every character (especially, L, Matsuda, and Ryuk). This show has such a good balance of humor and plot and if you haven't seen this I hope you will decide to exit that rock you live under one day haha.

    1. Attack on Titan (2013–present)

    character says &quot;what the hell&quot;
    MBS TV

    Some of y'all bout to be real mad about this, but this anime lives very close to my heart and now that the show is almost over, I couldn't be more upset. But growing up with this show and being able to re-watch it an unhealthy amount of times and still never get bored, has made it my favorite of all time. AOT just has everything I want in a show, romance, action, humor, and it really is such a unique show. Ya'll I swear I'm the biggest Levi fan and simp that has walked this earth so... haha yes this show is fr the best anime.

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