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    Just 29 Problem-Solving Products From Amazon You Should Probably Own If You Have A Dog

    From picking up poop to dealing with shedding season, we've got you covered.

    1. A slow feed bowl for the pup who doesn't understand that chewing is part of the digestive process. The maze pattern gently encourages eager doggos to savor their food, while preventing bloating and upset stomachs.

    A dog about to eat from their slow feed bowl

    2. A lightweight, adjustable doggie backpack that active puppers can take on hikes and long walks with them. The breathable mesh material ensures your pet won't overheat while carrying around their essentials.

    A German shepherd hiking while wearing the dog backpack

    3. A lightweight ball launcher to play endless games of fetch with an energetic doggo even when you're low on energy. Hands-free pickup means you never have to touch a slobbery ball again.

    A German shepherd waiting for a ball to be thrown from the ball launcher

    4. An adjustable seatbelt tether so your best friend can take a ride with you while remaining safely in place. The belt fastens securely to your dog's harness, and clicks into the seatbelt slot so your pup can abide by the rules of the road.

    A dog in the front seat wearing the seatbelt tether

    5. A pack of Greenies dental treats for the doggo who refuses to believe in the existence of a toothbrush. They're vet-recommended, and their texture will help fight plaque and tartar buildup down to the gumline.

    Two dogs waiting to eat greenies dental chews

    6. An interactive puzzle with different difficulty levels because a bored floof is a floof who will tear up the house. Simply hide treats in the compartments and let your dog sniff them out, keeping them entertained while you do human things.

    A dog analyzing the dog puzzle

    7. A stuffing-free squeak toy for the destructive doggo who consistently turns your living room into a graveyard of fluff.

    A dog chewing on the squeak toy

    8. A grooming brush to detangle the fur of your hekka floof before they shed all over the house. The rotating metal teeth help to remove mats and loose hairs from your dog's undercoat without any fuss.

    A dog next to a pile of fur removed with the grooming brush

    9. A durable rubber ball that you can stuff with treats for endless hours of fun. Even if your dog has a reputation for destroying toys, this guy won't be so easily defeated.

    A pit bull chewing on the treat ball

    10. An absurdly cute waterproof dog raincoat with a hood so your pupper can stay dry on rainy walks. The back has a hole so you can still attach your dog's leash to their collar, and reflective strips on the coat ensure your pupper will be seen, even on dreary days.

    A dog happily wearing the rubber ducky raincoat

    11. A stick chew toy made from bendable wood fiber that'll mimic the texture of real wood. If your doggo is a stick chewer, they'll be none the wiser.

    A dog chewing on the stick toy

    12. A pack of Greenies pill pockets so you can cleverly hide your dog's medicine in a delectable treat they'll be excited to eat.

    13. A doggie life jacket to keep your furry friend's head above water during diving practice. Reflective strips make sure your pup can be seen in dark waters and a top handle helps you pull them out when they're too stubborn to leave themselves.

    A dog jumping into a lake with the life jacket on

    14. A natural ear treatment designed to fight ear infections and inflammation caused by bacteria, viruses, and yeast. The no-sting formula will keep your pup and their ears nice and happy.

    A dog's ear before and after receiving the ear treatment

    15. A sturdy, swiveling pooper scooper for raking up pup presents from grass, dirt, or pavement. When you're ready to go foraging, place an Arm & Hammer bag over the bin, pick it up, and tie the bag before you have time to even think of what's inside.

    A dog sitting happily next to the pooper scooper and several tied up bags

    16. A stain and odor remover spray made with an enzymatic formula because accidents happen, but you don't want the memory of them left in your carpet.

    17. A muddy paw cleaner that'll keep your dog from making their mark all over your new furniture. Fill the cup up with some warm water after your pup's had a muddy jaunt in the garden, then gently plunge their paw in and out, allowing the soft bristles to clean the dirt away.

    A dog's paw before and after being dipped into the muddy paw cleaner

    18. A jar of all-natural calming chews for the doggo who gets a little bit nervous from time to time. If your pup has separation anxiety, weather-related fears, or is showing some nervous behaviors, these treats can seriously help.

    Two dogs waiting to eat anxiety chews

    19. A padded no-pull dog harness with two leash attachment loops to train your pup that though squirrels may seem enticing, it's not a good idea to dart after them during walk time.

    A dog going on a walk with the no pull harness

    20. A bottle of bitter apple spray, because anyone who has ever had a puppy knows the chewing is endless unless there's a safe solution nearby.

    21. A rubber broom designed specifically to attract pet hair out of carpet, tile, and hardwood. If your doggo left behind a fur twin during shedding season, this is a must.

    A dog next to a pile of fur removed from the carpet with the broom

    22. A leak-proof water bottle so parched puppers can have a quick pick-me-up on the go. The lock button makes sure water stays in the bottle until it's drinking time.

    A dog drinking from the water bottle

    23. A pack of environmentally-friendly deodorizing grooming wipes for canine pals who have solemnly sworn off bath time. They're hypoallergenic and formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E to help condition and clean your dog's coat between grooming sessions.

    Two dogs sitting with the pack of grooming wipes

    24. A nonirritating eye rinse to gently cleanse away dirt, debris, pollen, and other gunk that can find its way into your dog's eyes. If your dog has issues with tear stains, this stuff'll clean that away, too.

    A dog with tear stains before using the rinse and after without tear stains

    25. A paw pad moisturizer made with beeswax and vitamin E so your doggo's tootsies no longer suffer from dryness and cracks.

    A dog's paw pad looking rough and dry before using the wax and more moisturized after using the wax

    26. A dental health powder you can sprinkle into your dog's food to fight plaque and tartar build up, while keeping your pup's mouth fresh and clean.

    27. A Kong toy that'll quickly make all other toys obsolete. Fill it up with treats or kibble, and your dog can chew on this guy, fetch it, and chase it for hours.

    A dog chewing on the Kong toy

    28. A mini comb so you can gently remove all eye boogers and other stains without the risk of poking your doggo in the peepers.

    Eye debris being removed from a dog with the comb

    29. And an airtight pet food storage vault because your pup deserves a dry and decadent meal, and you deserve not having your home smell like beef kibble.

    A dog waiting to be fed from the food storage vault

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