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28 Life-Changing Things Anna Kendrick Tweeted In 2015

"Yes of course I got your text — I'm ignoring it. Don't make it weird."

1. When she demanded more from Oreo.

2. When she had a terrifying epiphany.

3. When she didn't have time for your texting nonsense.

4. When she was ready to audition for 1D.

5. When she was sick of the status quo thinking it's only OK for married people to eat a giant, delicious cake.

6. When she appreciated small victories.

7. When she was really not into the whole "people" thing.

8. When she understood that every time is the right time for wine.

9. When she was in a very serious relationship with her bed.

10. When she figured out how to live her best life.

11. When she revealed her idea of the ~perfect man~.

12. When she came up with the perfect meal plan.

13. When she was really over condescending computer programs.

14. When she had no shame in her ice cream game.

15. When she was ready to spend the rest of her days eating pies and baking cakes.

16. When she called out questionable stamps.

17. When she was into the all-gluten diet.

18. When she figured out the best way to weed out friends.

19. When she was just as hella confused as we all are.

20. When she figured out *exactly* what to say approximately 15 minutes after the moment had passed.

21. When she was the ultimate douchebag sleuth.

22. When she was ready to fight for what is RIGHT.

23. When being awkward was a way of life.

24. When she knew how to manage expectations.

25. When she gave zero fucks.

26. When she was an expert complainer.

27. When she tried and just hoped for the best.

28. And when she proved her stellar survival skills.

Never change, Anna.