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After nearly six years of running around Rosewood, terrifying messages from A, a lot of relationship drama, and even more lies, our beloved show Pretty Little Liars is finally coming to an end. To kick off the (*weeps*) final 10 episodes of the show, the Liars stopped by BuzzFeed for an intense game of Jenga while answering everything you're still dying to know. Read on to see their answers, and join me in trying to break down and decipher every single move they made for any A.D. clues...

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What was your first impression of the other girls when you first met?

Shay Mitchell: I actually remember it perfectly, and I remember what everybody was wearing in the read-through of course. Lucy had a blue Marc Jacobs — was it blue or purple?

Lucy Hale: Yellow.

SM: It was not yellow!

Ashley Benson: No, it was purple!

LH: Yeah, it was purple.

AB: It was a deep, like, plum.

SM: So I remember what the girls were wearing. Um, I thought it was awesome. And then we got to have Thanksgiving dinner in Canada when we were shooting the pilot, which was really cool.

What was it like shooting the last scene with your S.O.?

AB: We can’t answer that.

LH: Saucy.

AB: Right, we can’t?

Sasha Pieterse: No, we can't answer that. I can't!

Troian Bellisario: You can say what it was like, you just can’t say who it was with. Right? You can say what it felt like.

SP: Right. It was very sweet. It was!

LH: Very PC, I love it.

SP: No, but it was, though — it was very sweet.


What part of your characters will you keep with you after the show ends?

SM: [to Lucy] The feather earrings, right? And leopard at the same damn time, and stripes.

LH: I’ll definitely wear Aria’s feather earrings, and leopard. And you know, I’m not gonna lie, like Aria did.

TB: Yeah, good idea.

SM: The most.

LH: The most.

SM: Remember you had a Beetlejuice outfit one time too?

LH: Yeah, they make fun of all of my clothes! All the time.

SM: She’d come to set and we’d be like, “Let’s see what Aria’s wearing today!”

LH: Wait, you’re trying to make me laugh so it’ll fall!

SM: I know. [laughs]


Were you satisfied with the ending of the series? Do you think it was a good way to end the show?

SM: Absolutely. I think we all were. I think the writers just wrote it perfectly. And I think everybody’s gonna be — mmm, not everybody, but some people are gonna be very happy.

What was it like leaving the set for the final time on wrap day?

LH: It was like just as emotional as you think it would be. We all were crying, and everyone that was involved in the show was there. Well, what was crazy was when they were like, “And that’s a series wrap on Ashley Benson!” And Sasha, and they went through all of our names and it was just like, Wait, what do you mean? Like it always feels like we’re coming back for more, but that was actually the final time.

TB: Yeah, it’s so weird.


What's the craziest thing you've had to do for an episode throughout the show’s history?

AB: Um, craziest thing for me, I had to hang from the bell tower really, really high. And I’m deathly afraid of heights. And I had to do it a lot, and I was very high up, just like tied to a rope, and I was freaking out, literally having a panic attack for like three hours while I was filming it. But yeah, that was probably the craziest.

SP: I was buried alive, that was pretty crazy. We’ve all done something.

What would you say to your character if you met them in real life?

AB: You’re really funny. And you have good style!


Now that PLL is over, what are you most looking forward to in your careers?

TB: I’m looking forward to inhabiting different worlds and genres. I think I would love to do some period work. And get back to theater! What about you guys?

LH: Sames. I mean, maybe not theater right away, but different things. It’s gonna be cool to see where all of us go. I think we all have different vibes for what we wanna do.

Lucy, how did you feel when filming your very last Ezria scene with Ian?

LH: Thank god this is done! No, I’m just kidding. It’s a very important scene, which I can’t say what it is. But, um, it was cool, because I started the show with Ian, and ended with him. So it’s good stuff. I felt, you know, gratified by it, but a little sad. But also happy. All across the board.

TB: All the emotions.

LH: All those emoji feelings.


Ashley, what was your favorite Haleb moment to film throughout this season?

AB: Um, I don’t know. It’s really hard to pick one. I have so much fun with Tyler. He’s like the funniest guy ever. All of our scenes, they’re always fun.

What was your favorite offscreen moment while filming the final 10 episodes?

TB: There were so many great offscreen moments. I feel like it was honestly just enjoying the chemistry that I have with everybody in real life, you know what I mean?

SP: Savoring it.

TB: Yeah, like it was the last time I knew I was gonna do a scene with, like, Ian Harding, you know what I mean? I was like, oh, this is the last time we will be here making like a Spencer and Ezra scene, and that’s something very special. It was like taking that moment with everybody, and havin’ a ball with that.

SP: Yeah, we really did have fun. I loved your episode too. That was fun.


If you could play one of the boys, who would you play?

SP: I don’t think anyone can play Ezra better than Ian, but that would be fun.

LH: Yeah, he’s the only [one].

TB: I feel like I would wanna specifically play Toby for the scene when he took Spencer’s weed candy and got too stoned at the arcade.

LH: The guys had to always have their shirts off, though, so...

TB: Yeah, I wouldn’t wanna play a guy on this show.

LH: Yeah, I’ll pass.

TB: We got to, like, eat snacks during sex scenes. And they had to not.


The five of you are stranded on an island. You have to bring three things between the five of you. What would you decide to bring?

SM: Okay, somebody needs to bring a phone.

TB: Yeah, great. Smart.

AB: Some snacks.

SM: Water.

LH: Phone, water, and…

SM: Chips.

TB: A Bluetooth speaker so we could hook it up to the phone and have dance beats.

LH: A phone, a charger, and a Bluetooth speaker!

SM: No one’s thinking, like, a firecracker thing?!

LH: No, we’ll find our food. I know how to build a fire.

Can you make a face of what the viewers' faces will be like when they find out who A is?

TB: That’s good!


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