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    Definitive Proof That No One Throws A Party Like Taylor Swift

    Your faves could never.

    It couldn't be July 4th without Taylor Swift throwing an epic America-themed party at her Rhode Island mansion. Like, the rules of time and space state that she must throw a party or the 4th of July just doesn't happen.

    Luckily, Taylor and her Swan Squad delivered.

    And they had the most patriotic party on the East Coast. Because Taylor — Party Queen — Swift knows how to throw one Instagramworthy celebration.

    Let's examine the evidence.

    They drank Stella on plush couches:

    And watched flawless fireworks arm in arm:

    They held tiny, picture-perfect American flags:

    Had a pool full of the hottest new animal-themed floats:

    Pool goals:

    And there was a red, white, and blue Slip 'N Slide, obviously:

    They swirled around sparklers:

    Rocked some American AF onesies:

    🇺🇸 🙌 🇺🇸 🙌

    And got down with some pool:

    Since Taylor is a baking goddess, they kicked off their mornings by baking a chic feast in the kitchen:

    And snacked on some classy cheese and crackers:

    They obviously used only appropriate red-white-and-blue towels:

    And exclusively ate obligatory firecracker popsicles:

    Naturally, because this was July 4th, they baked Ina Garten's famous flag cake:

    A cake so flawless we could only attempt to make this in our dreams:

    But the most important part of a party is the guests. So clearly the cast of "Bad Blood" was invited, as well as 1989 World Tour BFFs, the Haim sisters:

    Obviously, they invited their baes:

    And truly proved that Rhode Island is for lovers:

    Even Joe Jonas was like, "Yes, I am blessed enough to be dating this 4th of July babe."

    Basically, it was PARTY PERFECTION:

    Nick Jonas followed the ~suns out guns out~ law of life:

    Este Haim showed off her American pride:

    And Ed Sheeran stopped by to make a flawless British joke:

    So here's to you, Taylor, our fearless unofficial party queen of 2015. May your pool swans flow freely and your Instagrams be a plenty!