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Samira Wiley And Danielle Brooks See How Well They Know Each Other

"Don't you write nothing that's going to embarrass my parents."

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Danielle Brooks and Samira Wiley stopped by BuzzFeed ahead of the Orange Is The New Black season 4 premiere, and because they're such incredible best friends on-screen (*shares glances with people who have finished this season*), we put their real life knowledge to the test in what we like to call the BuzzFeed BFF Game. Let's see just how well they know each other IRL!

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What is Samira's secret talent?


Samira Wiley: Don't you write nothing that's going to embarrass my parents. Y'all, we not gonna get nothin' right.

Danielle Brooks: No we're not.

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DB: Not sitting down between takes.

SW: Push-ups!

DB: So, push-ups.

SW: Between every take!

DB: She don't sit down with nothin'.