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The Cast Of "Nashville" Reveal Hilarious Set Secrets

Your favorite on-screen country superstars reveal everything from which cast member prefers singing naked to the craziest pranks pulled on set.

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The brilliant cast members of Nashville not only are incredible actors, but they're also ridiculously talented musicians on screen and in real life. They've amassed so many country music fans that they're once again hitting the road for a spring concert tour, performing fans' favorite songs live from coast to coast. We caught up with the stars right before they hit the stage at their sold-out New York City show.

We sat down with the Nashville singers backstage at the historic Beacon Theater as they spilled some hilarious cast secrets — from the most Instagram-obsessed to the person most likely to start a spontaneous dance party. Here's what went down:

1. Who is most likely to pull a prank?

Chip Esten: We do have a couple of great crew guys on set that are very expert at catching Connie not paying attention. So, like, when Connie's picking something out of her teeth or something, and they gather around her like with complete Christmas apparel and they take a quick picture while she doesn't know it, and they sent that out as their Christmas card.


Maisy Stella: There was one where we were in a scene where Teddy comes in with one of my huge school projects and it was massive — it literally looked like it took me a year. It was insane, super-detailed.

Lennon Stella: But obviously props did it.

Maisy: Yeah, props. And our crew made a fake one that was shattered and broken, and so they traded it out right before and he dropped it...

Lennon: And pretended like it fell...

Maisy: And it was really funny. But it turned out to be that Frank, the one we were doing the prank for, he was watching in video village. So it didn't really work, because he saw us trade it out.

Lennon: There was a lot of effort put into it. He tried! He's always trying.

2. Who is most likely to start dancing at a cast wrap party?

Sam Palladio: Ohhh, I thought you meant a rap party, like, "Yo, yo, yo!"

Chip: Who would get the dancing going first...

Sam: Right, the dancing. Not the rapping!

Chris Carmack: I keep getting it wrong!

Chip: No you might, you might be right, it would definitely be Oliver!

Chris: He'd be the first one to kick a beat and bust some sweet freestyle rhymes.

Chip: This would be a better dance that we all ended up doing if Laura [Benanti] did it.

Chris: Oh, no one's joining Oliver. No, that's true — so it's not a dance party.

Chip: That's a solo party.

Sam: Yeah. And then you know [Chaley] would throw down some good moves.

Chip: Absolutely, Chaley Rose.

Chris: Although Will would bust some beats, some cool back beats.

Sam: We could beatbox with Will.


Maisy: I put me and Lennon!

Have there been any fun dance parties?

Maisy: Uh, every day! Every day all day!

3. Who is most likely to be caught taking a selfie?

Chip: I had Lennon in first place, and second place I had Lennon again, and then Lennon and myself.

Sam: Aubrey is a good selfie-taker; I've seen a few.

Chip: Maisy? Yeah I've seen a lot of Maisy's.

Chris: You know, her Instagram is pretty, pretty solid. I'm basing it on that though, not necessarily most likely to be taking selfies.

Chip: Yeah, but I don't think anybody can touch Lennon's selfie game. I think it's on point, as the kids say. Is that what they say?

Maisy: Don't say that.

Chip: (Laughs) I've been told not to say that.

Maisy: Eyebrows on fleek!

Chris: Well that I've never heard.

Maisy: That's 'cause you're, like, 80.

Chris: (Laughs) But something "on point" — that's been around forever! That's just English. That's just the English language!

4. Who is most likely to be found snacking all day at craft services?


Chip: I just spelled Chaley Rose wrong. I think they're right; I'm wrong. (Laughs)

Sam: Massive snacker.

Chip: (In a British accent) Hashtag massive snacker!

Aubrey Peeples: I have first-hand knowledge on this one! (Laughs)

5. Who is most likely to be caught singing on set?

Chris: It's tough to separate the two.

Sam: I'm just gonna confer. (Whispers to Chris) Aha, yes.

Chip: I've heard Connie in the makeup trailer — I was probably with her breaking out some old '80s and '70s hits.

Sam: The makeup trailer seems to be the safe zone for singing.

Chip: That's where you'll walk in and hear...

Sam: Clare whistling away and singing.

Chris: Yeah. I only sing naked personally, so, the makeup trailer for me too makes sense.

Chip: Me too.

Aubrey: I think the answer is all of us!

Maisy: Yeah, definitely!

Lennon: Every one of the girls.

6. Who is mostly likely to be on their phone on set texting all day?

Chip: Oh, that's a tough one.

Sam: I just copied him. I ran out of time! I've been on set with Lennon once. We just had our first scene together ever.

Chip: And she never even noticed 'cause she was texting the entire time.

Lennon: Oh, yay. I agree; there's no denying it!

Are you texting, playing games — what is it?

Maisy and Aubrey: INSTAGRAM!

Lennon: Instagram. I'm sorry!

Maisy: She's like, "50k can not be left alone!"

Aubrey: But she's been teaching me, so it's OK.

Lennon: I have! I want to help.

Aubrey: I've been asking her to edit all my photos. (Laughs)

Maisy: She's like, "They're my babies, they're my children!" I'm like...what?

7. Who’s most likely to initiate a group hangout after work?

Sam: We don't really like each other, so we don't really hang out often.

Chip: I got one! Here you go, if you guys need help.

Sam: Oh, yes! That's a good one. Again, I'm just cheating.

Chris: I went with Chaley because she literally calls me at like 7 a.m., "Brunch today?! Brunch? Can we go to brunch?"

Chip: I went with pre-baby Hayden because the pilot and first season she's the only reason I went anywhere — a lot of us if we went anywhere, it's because Hayden put out the call.

Sam: Yeah, first season Hayden would've been good.

Chip: Exactly, first season Hayden. She's got the little one now so it's not quite as often. She was at the wrap party and for a while there, she was first season Hayden at the wrap party.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/ 11 CT on ABC.