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    Anna Kendrick Is The Queen Of Ghosting

    "I ghost everybody all the time. I'm the queen of the French exit. None of you will ever hear from me again." - Anna Kendrick

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    The insanely hilarious Adam Devine, Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, and Aubrey Plaza team up in the new raunchy comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, based on a crazy real-life story of two dudes who wrote a Craigslist ad to find dates for a wedding — dates that in fact turned out to be the ultimate insane wedding crashers just wanting a free vacation.

    We caught up with the cast on the set of the film to play a little round of "Who's Most Likely" — in which we talked ghosting, Tinder, surfing naked, and much more — and this hysterical foursome did not disappoint. Here's what went down.

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    Most likely to be caught taking a selfie?


    Adam Devine: Uh oh, bud.

    Zac Efron: Really?

    Adam: Yeah, I saw your selfie earlier man.

    Anna Kendrick: Oh, I guess.

    Zac: Okay, cool. Deal. Let's go for it. Yes! You know what, can I get a selfie real quick?

    Adam: Yeah.


    Aubrey Plaza: Let's get a selfie with all four of these [heads].

    Zac: Let's do it. That would be a good selfie. Let me get my selfie stick really quick.


    Adam: Here let's take it on my phone.

    Anna: These [heads] are so creepy I just can't stop staring at them.

    Adam: Right here, guys. Get the heads in.

    Most likely to be found at craft services all day?


    Adam: Yeahhhh, the fatso of the crew.

    Anna: It's me.

    Zac: Adam's on a super strict diet, so you don't really go to craft that much.

    Anna: He just goes to craft service to smell it, and like, longs to eat.

    Adam: I usually just take a few bites and then just vomit it all up.

    Anna: Too far.

    Zac: By the awesomeness of this photo, I'm gonna say me, because of my fat face.

    Most likely to be found napping between scenes?


    Adam: Yeah, this boy be sleepy.

    Aubrey: This boy be sleepy! That's what's up.

    Zac: I just woke up from a nap.

    Most likely to go surfing naked?


    Aubrey: I mean...[holds up Zac's photo].

    Anna: He's winning the game you guys! This is fucked up.

    Zac: Yeah right!

    Adam: I don't know how to surf.


    Anna: Wait, I'd just like to acknowledge that we went away and these guys changed. We went away and they changed their shirts. Or, you could just cut it like they're magic. Just cut it like I Dream of Jeanie.

    Adam: I like to be magic.

    Anna: Okay, great.

    [Ed note: They had to leave mid-interview to film another scene and came back with new clothes on. #SetLife]

    Best person to get relationship advice from?


    Zac: Shit. [Changes answer]

    Anna: I don't know why you had to change your vote, Zac! I think I would give, like, okay relationship advice.

    Zac: I just wanted everyone to match! You're right, you're right.

    Aubrey: Because I've had the most relationship experience. And, um, I'm a witch.

    Adam: And she's a witch, yes. She will cast a spell on you.

    Most likely to ghost someone you're dating?


    Adam: What does that mean?

    Anna: So, not Adam.

    Adam: [Anna], did you ghost someone?

    Anna: I ghost everybody all the time. I'm the queen of the French exit. None of you will ever hear from me again.

    Adam: I did text you one time and you responded like literally seven months later. It was like, what? Holy shit. It was like, "Yeah, I'm coming."

    Anna: [Laughs] Yeah, be right there.

    Zac: See ya there!

    Anna: On my way!

    Best person to put your grandma or grandpa on the phone with?


    Anna: Aw.

    Adam: Freakin' Z-bomb right here. So good at talking to g-parents.

    Anna: Aw. Zac-y boy.

    Aubrey: Z-town.

    Zac: I don't know, I think my grandparents would probably love you [Anna].

    Adam: Oooooh.

    Most likely to start the party on the dance floor?


    Adam: I don't know, I feel like [picks Aubrey].

    Aubrey: Oooh.

    Adam: Okay. Mixed up. All my moves are too sexual for BuzzFeed. All dicks out.

    Most likely to take a total stranger as a plus one to a wedding?


    Anna: Ya'll are crazy.

    Adam: Yeah, we be wild.

    Aubrey: We crazy.

    Adam: I would probably take a Marine.

    Zac: Maybe on Craigslist.

    Most likely to brighten your day?


    Adam: Aw.

    Anna: Aww.

    Zac: I'm gonna hold up all three of these.

    Anna: Aw, yeah. These guys.

    Adam: No, I'm sticking with my answer.

    Most likely to elope?


    Adam: Oooh, what do we got here?

    Anna: 100%. 100% the plan. No, never doing a wedding. Horrible. [To Aubrey] is that us eloping?

    Aubrey: Except if you marry me! Then we'll want everyone to watch.

    Anna: No, we're getting just eloped.

    Aubrey: Okay, we'll elope. Hey, whatever you want, baby.

    Adam: I want you guys to elope, but also it's a Lifetime special.

    Anna: You wanna do a Lifetime special of us eloping?

    Adam: You guys should, like, kiss right now.

    Anna: We did, earlier.

    Adam: No, but like, for BuzzFeed.

    Aubrey: You guys should kiss.

    Anna: Yeah, you guys should kiss.

    Zac: In this movie we kiss three times.

    Adam: Yeah, we be smoochin'.

    Most likely to be watching The Real Housewives in their trailer?


    Adam: I don't know, any of you guys like that show?

    Anna: Do any of you have a TV in your trailer? Cause'...

    Zac: I watch The Walking Dead in my trailer.

    Adam: That counts. That counts as watching something.

    Anna: That counts, yeah. Real Housewives. That's the same. It's the same.

    Most likely to only swipe right on Tinder?


    Zac: Are any of you on Tinder?

    Adam: You bitch! All right. Well, you're trying to get responses, you know? You're trying to get matches. What's the point of saying no?

    Anna: Yeah.

    Mostly likely to forget their wedding toast and wing it?


    Anna: [Aubrey] did. Didn't you do that?

    Aubrey: Yeah.

    Anna: I mean, no, she planned it...if your cousin's watching. That was totally planned.

    Aubrey: No I mean, I was a maid of honor, and I...

    Anna: Planned your speech.

    Aubrey: Planned a speech. And then I got really drunk and I wung it?

    Adam: You wanged it.

    Anna: She wanged it.

    Aubrey: Then I wanged it. So, that's fair.

    Most likely to forget to put on underwear?


    Zac: I think I did that today.

    Adam: Yeah, we'll give it to you.

    Zac: I don't think I've worn underwear since I've been in Hawaii. Strictly board shorts.

    Adam: Let it breathe, baby. Woo!

    Best at doing impressions of another cast member?


    Adam: Yeah, [Zac] could probably do the best impressions, right?

    Anna: Can you? I feel like I'm being bullied into voting for you.

    Zac: I do a pretty good Adam.

    Adam: Do a good me.


    Zac: I don't know, it's just making funny faces.

    Adam: Yeah, I do have a lookbook that [our Director] Jake calls out.

    Anna: The number 45.

    Adam: Sometimes he'll just call out, "The number 45!"

    Zac: Yep. Which I also have memorized.


    Adam: Call out a number I'll do it right now!

    BuzzFeed: 7.

    Adam: [Makes face]

    BuzzFeed: 32.

    Adam: [Makes face]. I could keep going for days.

    Most likely to be found singing?


    Anna: No, don't, that's so mean!

    Adam: Uh huh, I think it's youuu!

    Zac: I don't know, it's a tie. I'm gonna go tie between you and me.

    Anna: Yeah, okay.

    BuzzFeed: What's everyone singing?

    Aubrey: 🎶 Ooh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader 🎶

    Zac, Adam, Aubrey: 🎶 Found myself a cheerleader, she was always right there when I need her. 🎶

    Adam: That's a classic.

    Anna: They love that song, it's crazy.

    Most likely to be using a selfie stick?


    Anna: Zachary.

    Adam: Z-bomb.

    Anna: Zac's really obsessed with talking about selfie sticks. Do you like actually use one, or is it one of those things...

    Zac: Yeah.

    Adam: He has one.

    Zac: I got one as a gift from my girlfriend.

    Adam: You gotta use it, it's a gift!

    Anna: Aw, yeah, yeah. She's like making you...twisting your arm.

    Most likely to initiate a post-work hangout?


    Anna: Pfft, always me.

    Adam: Uh, I don't know. Yeah, it might be a tie.

    Zac: To initiate? Then I guess I'll go these two.

    Most likely to cause everyone else to break character?


    Zac: [Adam], just 'cause it happens every single take.

    Adam: Awww.

    Zac: I can't believe you didn't say yourself!

    Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates is in theaters everywhere Friday, July 8!


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