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    Justin Timberlake Gets Emotional Over Gift From Adorable 10-Year-Old Fan

    ~Tis the season for giving~

    This Sunday, Justin Timberlake performed at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center — and Taylor Swift and Beyoncé dancing along in the crowd wasn't the only magical part of the show.

    A 10-year-old fan clad in a JT-inspired suit passed along a gift to Justin, and it was as heart-melting and adorable as you can imagine.

    The cutest fan in the arena (who has been a fan of JT since he was 2 years old) passed up a gift to his idol:

    Which JT opened and realized was a stellar bow tie:

    Naturally, the adorable kid started crying:

    So Justin applauded the little dude for giving the perfect gift:

    And was genuinely excited about it:

    And told his biggest fan how much he loved him:

    And it was all just a little too much for JT's heart to handle:

    Watch the entire heartwarming exchange below:

    View this video on YouTube / Kelly Nemeth


    h/t Us Weekly

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