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    Jennifer Aniston And Jason Bateman Played The BFF Test And It Was Cute AF

    The stars of Office Christmas Party find out how well they actually know each other.

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    Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in the new film Office Christmas Party, a comedy showcasing all the things you should probably never do at an office holiday party (which, for most of you, is probably happening right about now. So take this movie as your warning.)

    Since the duo have been friends for over two decades, we decided to put them to the test to see how well they actually know each other with our BuzzFeed BFF test. Here's how they did.

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    First up, we tried to see if Jason could guess what Jennifer can usually be found doing between takes on set.


    Jason wrote, “She practices her faces.” Jennifer wrote, “Go 10-1.”

    Jason Bateman: She just practices her faces! She gets ready for the next take, and she just runs through the six faces…

    Jennifer Aniston: That I’m gonna make during the scene?

    JB: Perhaps. And in what order.

    JA: Yeah.

    JB: She goes 10-1. 10-1 is code for peepee out the teetee.

    JA: It’s what I do. I drink a lot of water!

    JB: Unless it’s a big scene, then it’s a 10-deuce. Girl’s don’t do that.

    JA: Never. Don’t you know that?

    Then it was Jennifer's turn to figure out Jason's guilty pleasure—which was pretty close. I'm gonna give this one to them.


    Jason wrote, “Sugar.” Jennifer wrote, “Frozen yoyo.”

    JB: Guilty pleasure? What am I guilty of? All that crap’s gone. It’s so sad.

    [Reads Jennifer’s answer] Frozen yogurt. See?

    JA: Frozen yoyo! Chocolate? Vanilla?

    JB: Whatever you’re holding. Whatever you're pumping.

    Next up, Jason had to guess Jennifer's ~secret talent~. And her answer was, obviously, very fitting.


    Jason wrote, “Cheese board.” Jennifer wrote, “Hair or makeup.”

    JB: Don’t look.

    JA: I’m not!

    JB: It’s not gonna be a secret when you tell us what it is, so it better be a joke. Junkets! She’s a junket master. She can’t write worth shit though.

    JB: Hair and makeup? That’s not a secret, you’re gorgeous.

    JA: No, for other people!

    JB: She can throw together a cheese board like you can’t believe.

    JA: Sadly, white american [is my favorite type of cheese].

    JB: Truly?

    JA: Mhmm. A little white american on mayo, white bread.

    JB: And do we grill that?

    JA: We could.

    JB: You can grill cheese, can’t you?

    JA: Oh, yeah that would be like a great cheddar on a sourdough. I make a great sandwich. I’m a sandwich maker.

    Then it was time for Jennifer to answer Jason's biggest pet peeve, in which we learned a lot about his severe hatred of germs.


    Jason wrote, “Loud talkers.” Jennifer wrote, “Germs.”

    JB: Boy, that’s a long list. I’m a real grump.

    JA: Is that a pet peeve?

    JB: What does it say?

    JA: Germs.

    JB: Oh, germs. Yeah. I don’t know what happened.

    JA: When did that happen?

    JB: I don’t know because I used to be a real dirty bird, and now I…

    JA: Oh, maybe it’s because that…

    JB: Oh, because I cleaned my act up.

    JA: You cleaned your act up and now it’s all about clean, clean, clean! Don’t touch that.

    JB: Yeah, hotel floors. Ugh.

    JA: When you were a kid and you’d go to buy shoes and you weren’t wearing socks, did you put those little...

    JB:: Peds? How dare you. Never. You know going through that little channel at airport security when everyone has to walk that little lane with their hot socks, that’s disgusting to me. That to me is the anus of the world right there.

    JA: What about on an airplane? When you’re in those socks and walking down the aisle?

    JB: I like, triple-sock it.

    And since Jason has been to many ~Aniston dinner parties~ we had him guess what type of food she hates the most. Which he was, um, very off on.


    Jason wrote, “Cheeseburgers.” Jennifer wrote, “Beets.”

    JB: I don’t know, you’re not a picky eater!

    JA: What?!

    JB: Cheeseburgers?

    JA: What? I love a cheeseburger!

    JB: Yeah, see, you’re not precious.

    JA: I hate beets. Can’t eat a beet, taste like dirt.

    JB: I wouldn’t know that. Actually, I should’ve thought that I’ve never seen a beet in your house. I should’ve known that.

    JA: Like, you don’t see the beet and feta cheese salad that’s such a big hit.

    JB: That should’ve been noticeable.

    So then it was time to find out what Jason's true holiday party antics would be. If he had to call out of work the day after a holiday party, what would the reason be?


    JB: Um, boy.

    JA: Um, that’s just not gonna happen.

    JB: It’s not gonna happen anymore. 90s. [In] the 90s.

    JA: He will always show up.

    JB: I’m gonna be there not early, but — actually, I’m not gonna go to the party. That’s why I’m gonna call in sick, is that I’ve been sleeping too long.

    Next up we learned Jennifer's favorite emoji, and that she is actually next-level obsessed with Bitmoji.


    Jason wrote, “😂.” Jennifer wrote, “🙈.”

    JB: This is the emoji queen. I think that’s yours, right? Laughing so hard you’re crying.

    JA: Ohhh, that’s a good one, yeah. But I also love this one.

    JB: I don’t like the prayer hands one. What is that supposed to mean?

    JA: See you later [prayer hands]. I hope.

    JB: Oh, that’s "I hope"?

    JA: Or “I pray." Make this, you know...

    JB: Oh, "please, please?"

    JA: Please! Please get out of Atlanta.

    JB: Oh god she’s just the absolute best with emojis. Her bitmoji though, she’s a jedi knight with all that stuff. She set us all up.

    JA: You though made your own bitmoji and it’s exquisite.

    JB: Justin, her husband’s, is not to be believed.

    JA: You actually would think he actually posed for that emoji.

    JB: Modeled after him. And then when the Zoolander stuff came out and he was actually one on there, I think that was one of the best days of his life.

    And finally, we wanted to know if Jennifer was CEO in real life, what would she run?

    Jason wrote, “Let's hang out at my house company.”

    JB: She’s gonna run the…

    JA: “Let’s hangout at my house company.” [Laughs] Yes, that’s amazing. I do like to throw a dinner party.

    JB: It’s a real cosy situation over there.

    Office Christmas Party is in theaters everywhere Friday, December 9!

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