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    iZombie Star Robert Buckley Plays A Hilarious Game Of "Would You Rather"

    In which we find out he's down to eat a brain smoothie, kill a zombie with his bare hands, and try Max Rager.

    You might recognize Robert Buckley as dreamy Clay Evans from One Tree Hill, but these days he's starring as Major Lilywhite, the dangerously and woefully out of the loop ex-fiancé of a recently zombified medical examiner, on The CW's new show iZombie.

    Buckley stopped by BuzzFeed New York to chat all about the series, and after making us all practically faint during his painfully beautiful photo shoot, he sat down to play a very difficult game of zombie-themed "Would You Rather." Here's what went down.

    Would you rather have to eat brains or drink someone’s blood to survive?

    Robert Buckley: Well, I would go with blood, because right now I’m kind of on this paleo kick and I guess we don’t know where brains falls into that whole mix. So it’s going to be blood.

    Would you rather eat brains with noodles or drink a brain smoothie?

    RB: I would much rather go with the brain smoothie because it’s just down in one. Get it over with.

    Would you rather become a zombie or a vampire after being bitten?

    RB: I’m gonna go with vampire on this one, because it just seems by and large vampires are always well dressed, they’re always good looking, they have incredible vocabularies, and they’re always rich. You’ve never seen a vampire like, “Ah shit, a $35 parking ticket. Ugh, Mondays!” So, vampire all the way.

    Would you rather be eaten by a wild zombie or be turned into a dish at Meat Cute?

    RB: Eaten alive by a zombie? So, I’m alive while this is happening? He didn’t have the courtesy to, like, knock me out?

    No, it’s so rude.

    RB: OK, flippin’ zombies. I’m gonna have to go with a dish at Meat Cute. Because at least they seem to know what they’re doing, and it’s not like animalistic and savage. And you know they got that "A" grade rating health-wise, so they run a tight ship there. Very, very clean operation.

    Would you rather never play video games with blackout curtains again, or never have met Ravi?

    RB: Oh my god. You guys. This is like a real Ravi’s choice — I mean, Sophie’s choice. I would rather never be able to play video games than not get to spend quality time with my sweet, sweet Ravi.

    Would you rather turn into a zombie or be chased by a ton of them?

    RB: I would much rather be chased by a zombie because, you know, I might win that footrace, and get to avoid the whole zombie thing. Plus, sweet-ass story!

    Would you rather try Max Rager or Meat Cute?

    RB: I would rather try Max Rager, because you don’t know what you’re getting with Max Rager. I mean, Meat Cute you know you’re eating dude or dudette.

    Would you rather eat the brain of Beyoncé or Jay-Z?

    RB: Oof. Well, this is a tough question. Actually, you know what, I would rather eat the brain of Beyoncé, because two summers ago we were vacationing at the exact same resort — and it was super secluded, there were very few people — and became, like, friendly. I don't wanna say friends, but [we] kind of became friends with the two of them. But especially B, because Jay, who knows what he was doing. So I’d wanna eat Beyoncé’s brain just to know if what she whispered in my ear on that last night, she really meant.

    Would you rather be cast in the remake of Veronica Mars or Party Down?

    RB: Ahh. Boy, it’s a tough call, but I would go with a Party Down movie.

    Would you rather eat the brain of a sociopath or a serial killer?

    RB: Well, I would probably choose to eat the brain of a sociopath because I’ve always wanted to be able to connect better with my mom and my dad, and I just feel like that would sort of help us out a lot, because sometimes we don’t see eye to eye on issues. I’m talking about you, Dad!

    Would you rather fight one human-size zombie rat, or a thousand rat-size zombie humans?

    RB: How late was it last night, when you sat down to write these questions?

    Probably pretty late.

    RB: OK. Obviously, this is very clear, this is something we all talk about often: I would fight a thousand rat-size human zombies.

    Would you rather know your fiancé is a zombie, or go slightly crazy over time trying to figure her out and never find out about zombies?

    RB: If I had a fiancé, I think I’d be so flippin' excited all the time anyways that I locked one down that I wouldn’t even care. I’d be like, "I tricked her! She fell for it!"

    RB: No, I’m sorry. What was the question? Oh my god, I would much rather know that she’s a zombie. Next time we get in a scuffle in a movie theater parking lot, and some big guy is talking trash, I’d be like, "Yeah, really, OK?" Not gonna mess with my moneymaker because mama’s got zombies trained!

    Would you rather dissect bodies in the morgue forever, or have to kill one "live" zombie with your bare hands?

    RB: Do I have to do it with my bare hands?


    RB: Not even like a rock? Oof. My goodness. By the way it would have to be like a 4-year-old zombie. That’s so dark, sorry. What am I saying? Whatever, I’d kill the zombie with my bare hands. Because if I did the morgue for the rest of my life, how would I be able to be an actor, you know, and get to work on amazing programs like iZombie Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW!

    Would you rather live in a world where zombies exist secretly, or a world where they walk around among you and you’re aware?

    RB: A lot of stipulations to that one. At any point can they scratch us and cause an outbreak?


    RB: OK. I don’t even need to ask what the second one is. It’s the other one.

    Would you rather eat the brain of a rock star or an astronaut?

    RB: Well, because I have already spent so many years dealing with just A-list celebrity and fame, ugh, and that whole burden, I think I would go with the astronaut. By the way, no one laughed in the room, but I am kidding. My nickname on set is Rob C-List Darling Buckley. I gave myself that nickname. I realize I’m nowhere near famous — so some fan mail wouldn’t hurt.

    Would you rather duel with Blaine or Julian?

    RB: By the way, duel? Are we like in medieval times? Jousting?

    Yes, exactly.

    RB: OK. Now that we’re jousting medieval times style, I would choose Blaine.

    Would you rather be drinking buddies with Ravi or Liv?

    RB: I would rather be drinking buddies with Ravi, for two reasons. One, that accent only gets cooler the more drunk you are. And two, I feel like Liv would be just like the worst, because it’d be like having a friend with an extreme case of ADD, in that you’d be in the middle of like, “And that was the first time I told my mom about my grandpa,” and she’d be like, “OH, I saw a butterfly, and it reminded me of this, I gotta go!” You know what I mean? You’d never finish a story.

    Watch the season finale of iZombie tonight at 9 p.m. ET/8 CT on The CW.