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12 TV Men Who Are Complete Garbage And 12 TV Men Who We Just Don't Appreciate Enough

I firmly stand by all of this.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV men they love and which they absolutely hate. Here's what they said:

1. First, on New Girl, Coach is blatantly rude, unfunny, and didn't mesh at all with the rest of the group...

Schmidt asks if Coach and Malia broke up and Coach says, "Oh yeah... She got real fat on me so I was like, 'Ew, bye!'"

2. But on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Captain Holt just gets better and better as each episode airs.

Captain Holt telling Jake to call himself "Velvet Thunder."

3. On Grey's Anatomy, Owen Hunt is constantly blaming his significant others without ever taking any responsibility for his own actions...

Cristina tells Owen not to take his guilt out on her and then he responds by yelling at her and saying she's selfish and does whatever she wants.

4. But on 13 Reasons Why, Justin Foley starts as a total jerk but by the end, he becomes a hero whom everyone can't help but love.

Justin telling his friends that they're meant to go through shit, but they always make it out alive.

5. On The Vampire Diaries, Matt Donovan seems sweet at first but quickly becomes insufferable...

Matt angrily gripping his friend's collar and yelling, "Just stop lying"

6. But on Gilmore Girls, Jess Mariano becomes well-rounded, mature, and has some of the most realistic character growth on TV.

Jess staringly longingly for Rory, even though he claims to be "over it."

7. On Riverdale, Jughead is a ~weirdo~ who's also super selfish, entitled, and rude to his girlfriend...

Betty telling Jughead she's trying to help him and make sure he graduates so they can be together, and he tells her he didn't ask for her help and is mad they'd even consider breaking up.

8. But on Lucifer, Lucifer evolves into someone who can become so vulnerable but so strong at the same time.

9. On Glee, Mr. Schuester is suuuuuuuper creepy and has a massive savior complex...

Mr. Schue saying, "You're all minorities. You're in the glee club"

10. But on Schitt's Creek, David Rose "becomes softer around the edges and a truly likable person, faults and all."

David telling Stevie he wants to prove to everyone that he's not a joke.

11. On This Is Us, Randall Pearson starts off great but eventually becomes selfish and thinks he was better than everyone else...

Randall telling his brother that he is chasing Randall's shadow and will never compare to him

12. But on Jane the Virgin, Rogelio de la Vega goes from a majorly self-centered actor to the most caring father on earth.

Rogelio telling Rafael that Jane is a special girl and he should treat her right.

13. On Elite, Omar Shanaa cheats on his boyfriend while he was going through chemo treatment...

Omar asks Malick if he wants to hook up and Malick asks what about Omar's boyfriend Ander. Omar replies, "Ander isn't here."

14. But on The Office, Darryl Philbin is the voice of reason, a loyal friend, and someone you "can't help but root for."

Darryl tells Andy that if he were a girl, he'd choose Andy over Gabe.

15. On On My Block, César Diaz is "downright annoying" and cheats on his girlfriend...

Monse finds out that César kissed Olivia. She confronts him and he stands there speechless.

16. But on Stranger Things, Steve Harrington does a total 180 and becomes one of the most loyal, caring, and heroic "mom-friends" ever.

Steve getting adorably excited when he realizes Dustin is back from summer camp.

17. On The Office, Jim Halpert is just so damn average...

Jim says he bought a house for Pam and didn't tell her.

18. But on Dawson's Creek, Pacey Witter is pretty much the guy every single person wishes they could marry.

Pacey telling Joey how he wants the world to see her the same way he does: classy, intelligent, beautiful, and more graceful than anyone on the planet.

19. On Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey is toxic to pretty much every one of his friends and family...

20. But on iZombie, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti is the supportive best friend everyone's always wished for.

Ravi jokes, "I'm dying to know how you think I can help in this situation."

21. On How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby is always whining and has a self-serving attitude...

Ted saying Robin should be with him instead of Barney

22. But on The Good Place, Chidi is just too pure for his own good.

Chidi sings about adding Peeps to his chili pot and then realizes it tastes bad.

23. On Sex and the City, Mr. Big treats his girlfriend like dirt and is never there when she needs him...

Big on the phone after the wedding to Carrie is called off

24. But finally, on Ted Lasso, Roy Kent is just a ball of love and tenderness under his rough exterior.

Roy tells Rebecca that the guy she went on a date with is fine, but she deserves so much more than "fine."

Obviously, we can't fit 'em all, but please tell us your favorite (and least favorite) TV men in the comments below.