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21 Hot Celebrity Brothers You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Being a total babe just runs in the family.

1. Nikki and Nathan Reed

Getty Images for People Magazine Michael Buckner
WireImage Denise Truscello

The Twilight star and recent fiancée of Mr. Ian Somerhalder has an older — and equally as beautiful — brother Nathan. Honestly, he deserves his own article dedicated to his abs alone.

2. Zac and Dylan Efron

Getty Images Noel Vasquez

The world was beautiful enough with Zac Efron in it, but then the Efrons had to go and make life even more majestical by bringing another, just as adorable younger bro into the world. #Blessed

3. Justin and Sebastian Theroux


Justin and his younger brother Sebastian prove one very important theory: The brothers that dress alike together, stay hot together.

4. Jessica and Joshua Alba

FilmMagic Mirek Towski

Jessica's younger brother (and fellow actor) is equally as talented and beautiful as his A-list sis.

5. Emma and Alex Watson

FilmMagic Mike Coppola

With a badass, empowering sis like Emma, chances are Alex is cool af.

6. Blake and Eric Lively

Jen Lowery / Splash News

Blake Lively's adorable new offspring not only has a DILF, but she/he's also got an UILF.

7. Rihanna and Rajad Fenty

Getty Images Noel Vasquez

Obviously Rihanna's ~coolness~ runs in the fam. JUST LOOK AT HIS SHOES.

8. Chris and Scott Evans

WireImage Gregg DeGuire

You might already be familiar with Chris' bearded babe brother (and fellow actor) if you're a fan of One Life To Live.

9. Adam and Michael Levine

Getty Images For Westfield Charley Gallay

A fondness for leather jackets and tight jeans runs in the Levine DNA.

10. Taylor and Austin Swift

Getty Images for ACM Christopher Polk/ACMA2014

The Queen of the universe has a babe brother of the universe, who's a student at the University of Notre Dame and hella funny on Twitter.

11. Chris, Liam, and Luke Hemsworth

Getty Images Alberto E. Rodriguez

This trio of the world's hottest DNA is widely known, but we didn't want to deprive you of the chance to stare at their beautiful, beautiful faces once again.

12. Kate and Oliver Hudson

Getty Images Kevin Winter

Yes, Oliver is almost as famous as his younger sis and fellow actor, Kate. But sometimes we forget just how freaking beautiful the whole Hudson fam is, and the world needs to remember.

13. Bella and Remy Thorne

WireImage Jeffrey Mayer

The entire Thorne clan is in showbiz, including Bella's older bro Remy.

14. Jared and Shannon Leto

WireImage Jeff Vespa

If you're a 30 Seconds To Mars enthusiast, then you already know that Jared's older brother Shannon started the band with him as the quintessential hot drummer.

15. Tyler and Jesse Posey

16. Brody and Brandon Jenner

WireImage Denise Truscello

Sure, the focus on the Jenner-Kardashian Klan is mostly about the girls. But let's not forget the beautiful bros of the family, who deserve their own reality show where they just sit and stare at you through the television.

17. Darren and Chuck Criss

Getty Images for LISTEN UP Tour Christopher Polk / Via Twitter: @chuck_criss

Musical talent *really* runs in the Criss DNA because Darren's older brother Chuck is also a musician, playing in the indie rock band Freelance Whales.

18. Ansel and Warren Elgort

GC Images James Devaney

The TFIOS heartthrob's older bro can almost qualify as his twin, which we are here for.

19. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

WireImage Gary Gershoff

Any human that is a twin of Scarlett Johansson obviously resides on a Most Beautiful list.

20. Avan and Ketan Jogia

21. Jennifer, Ben, and Blaine Lawrence

Getty Images Kevork Djansezian / Via

The Lawrence brothers are just as ~fun~ and ambitious as JLaw — Blaine manages a day camp while Ben is the managing partner of a tech company. Brains + beauty = 🙌.

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