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    Gwyneth Paltrow And Jessica Alba Interviewed Each Other And It Was Cute As Hell

    "I would’ve loved to have the opportunity to kind of start my self-exploration earlier in my twenties. I feel like I really had my head up my ass until I was about 38."

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba are the stars of some of your favorite films, but they're also badass entrepreneurs who turned their business dreams into reality with both GOOP and The Honest Company. With the launch of Apple Music's new series Planet of the Apps — a sort of Shark Tank meets The Voice, where developers pitch their app ideas to win funding — Gwyneth and Jessica, along with and Gary Vaynerchuk, offer their advice to founders as they compete to win.

    In celebration of the new series, Gwyneth and Jessica answered all of your questions while sharing some of their greatest ~life advice~, discussing everything from soulmates to their favorite words of wisdom. Here's what we learned.

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    Jessica Alba: If you could redo anything about your twenties, what would it be?


    JA: What would it be — who would he be?

    Gwyneth Paltrow: Exactly. I was just trying to pick which one.

    JA: [laughs] I’m just joking!

    GP: No, literally! I was like, which one?

    JA: Because that would be my redo.

    Gwyneth: How do you start off each morning? I am curious about this.


    JA: I have two different starts of the morning ’cause I go through phases of exercising, and phases of not exercising. So my phase of exercising is I wake up early and I go to the gym when I’m still blurry-eyed. But I always take, like, a tea, so I’m drinking that to try and wake up on the way to the gym. I sweat it out for 45 minutes, [and] I come home by the time the kids are waking up.

    GP: Wow. That’s commitment.

    JA: It’s early, but that’s the only way I can see them and then go to work and do everything.

    GP: How long do your workout phases last before you lapse?

    JA: Sometimes it’s a few weeks, sometimes it’s a few months actually.

    Jessica: How do you motivate yourself to work out after a long exhausting day?


    GP: When I first met the trainer that I’ve been with forever and ever, I had just had my son maybe 10 months before, and I could not lose the last bit of weight and it was very demoralizing and I wasn’t seeing change — and I said to her one morning like, I really, really don’t want to do this. Like, I can’t. I don’t want to. And she said to me, "Stop giving yourself that option." She’s like, "Do you say to yourself, 'I don’t want to brush my teeth?'" She’s like, "You just brush them." She’s like, "You are just doing this." And it kind of changed the way that I perceived it — I took the optionality out of it, and I just do it. And then it wasn’t like, ugh. Like rolling a boulder up a hill.

    JA: It wasn’t an option, it was just part of your life.

    GP: It wasn’t an option! You brush your teeth, you take a shower, you work out. Like it's not, I don't feel like it today.

    Gwyneth: What is one beauty secret or tip that’s changed your life?


    JA: When I dye my hair, which isn’t often, but when I do, I sleep with oil and leave-in conditioner in my hair most nights.

    GP: Ohhh. Before you dye, or after?

    JA: After. Mmhmm.

    GP: I’ve gotta do that.

    Jessica: What’s one thing every woman should do in their twenties?


    GP: I feel like every woman should live in Manhattan in their twenties.

    JA: That’s a really, really good one.

    GP: Even if it’s just a short time, but I think it’s a great thing to do. I would’ve loved to have the opportunity to kind of start my self-exploration earlier in my twenties. I feel like I really had my head up my ass until I was about 38.

    Gwyneth: Do you believe in soulmates?


    JA: It’s weird. You know, I did when I was younger and then I got really — here’s the thing, when I met my husband, I felt like I had known him my whole life. The day I met him, he was very familiar, and he felt like family.

    Jessica: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?


    GP: My dad gave me the best advice pertaining to every situation. In my twenties I was having trouble with one of my girlfriends who I had known since grade school and he said, “You can’t make new old friends.” And it really stuck with me. That’s actually a piece of advice I think you can apply to other things too. But it’s like, the value in time. You know, it’s sort of like what you were saying with Cash, like, the value that’s created when two people make a commitment, whether it’s a relationship or a commitment or a parent-child relationship — to commit to the commitment is very powerful.

    JA: It is very powerful. I think people who come from my kind of background feel like certain things aren’t meant for you because your circumstance is different. And my mom was always like, you can have absolutely anything you want in this world if you work hard.

    GP: It’s true.

    JA: And so that stuck with me from day one.

    GP: She must be so proud of you! I feel like I always learn something when I sit next to [Jessica]. Like you always are surprising in the best way, with your answers. It was nice to hear what you just said about your mom and your family.

    JA: You know what I think is great about our show [Planet of the Apps] is we’re not reality TV folks, obviously. People get to see a side to Gwyneth and I — I got to see and learn a side to her that’s, she’s so freaking smart but so emotionally intelligent. And I think that’s something that you can’t really learn. You either have it or you don’t. I haven’t seen a lot of actresses that have been emotionally intelligent in this way, and I really appreciate it.

    GP: Thank you! That was so nice. Thank you.


    Be sure to catch entrepreneur advisers Gwyneth and Jessica on Apple Music's first original series Planet of the Apps, available now on Apple Music!