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    24 Things You Never Knew About Troye Sivan

    The YouTube celeb turned pop star answers all of your burning questions.

    You might know Troye Sivan from his days as a YouTube vlogger or maybe you know him because he's now a full-on pop star, a transition he made so seamlessly you'd never even know that he once wasn't singing on stage at the VMAs or performing duets with Alessia Cara.

    For the past year, Troye's been touring the world for his album Blue Neighborhood, but we got the chance to hang out with him for a minute at BuzzFeed NY and find out everything you've ever wanted to know about him. The openly gay artist — who has inspired many a teen to come out — talked to us about being in the closet, how his life has changed since he's been out, his weirdest food cravings, and more. Basically, you should just read/listen to everything he has to say.

    Watch Troye answer your questions below, and read on for more!

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    Before I came out I read and watched as much LGBT content as possible. Was there someone or something you watched before you came out?

    Troye Sivan: I watched, I think at the time, like every single coming out video on YouTube. There are so many people I would love to meet and say thank you for posting their videos, because hearing their stories and everything comforted me.

    What's the first thing you see when you think about your future?

    TS: I see no stress. I just see, like, creativity of all forms. I want to be able to like just chill and make whatever I want to make.

    Who was the first LGBT entertainer or public figure you were aware of when you were a kid? How did they help or reassure you?

    Do you have any concert traditions/rituals?

    TS: I do like 10 pushups. Sometimes I’ll do star jumps too, if I’m feeling like a bit crazy. Other than that I’ll just warm my voice up, and drink tea — maybe steam my face a bit.

    If you had to get a tattoo RIGHT NOW, what would you get?

    TS: I can’t commit to anything stylistically for the rest of my life, so I would just get probably something super, super simple like my family’s names or initials or something like that.

    What are some of the most heartwarming fan gifts you've ever received?

    What is your current go-to song when you're feeling sad?

    TS: I’m the type of person who listens to like sad music when I’m sad to feel sadder, and to feel sorry for myself. So right now the whole Frank Ocean album is just, like, constant.

    What can you tell us about a possible Melanie Martinez collab?

    TS: I would love to collab with her. I know her second album is like already on the way, so I don’t know if that’s going to happen anytime soon. But I would love, love, love, love to write with her.

    How has becoming such a big LGBTQ+ icon changed your perception of life?

    TS: Woah. I guess I just now, I think I have to be aware of how much power words can have. And it makes me consider everything that I say before I say it, because you can really help a lot of people, or you can really, really mess things up. So just trying to be smart and helpful.

    What’s a combination of food you love that everyone else hates/thinks is disgusting?

    TS: I ALWAYS put ketchup on my mac and cheese. Always.

    How did the "Wild" remix with Alessia Cara come about?

    Favorite movie that left a huge impact on you?

    TS: I love Moulin Rouge.

    What side is your nose ring actually on? I can never tell. It always switches in pictures.

    TS: It’s on my right! Which, I don’t know if there’s a right or wrong side to get it on. I think I got the wrong one. I don’t know! I have no idea.

    What achievement you’ve made are you proudest of and what is something you wish to achieve in the future?

    TS: I’d say the thing I’m proudest of is probably like any sort of work I’ve done in the LGBTQ space. And then, at some point in my life I would like to win a Grammy. I think that would be a good thing to do.

    What would be the best way to decorate a coming-out party? (My older brother is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I want to throw him a party.)

    TS: Does your brother know about this? Firstly ask his permission I reckon. And then if he’s down, go all out. Like, pride flags, glitter. I mean obviously the playlist is very important too — like, a lot of Madonna.

    What's your favorite color to paint your nails?

    What goes through your mind as you pick out an outfit for the day? And what’s your favorite outfit of yours?

    TS: The only thing that really goes through my head when I’m picking out an outfit is, do I feel cool and cute. I try as much as I can to push out any worry about what anyone else is gonna think and just kinda focus on, do I think this is cool.

    What advice would you have for someone who is currently in the closet?

    TS: I would say try not to stress. I know that seems like such a silly thing to say, but really, there are people in the world who 1,000% will love you just the way you are. So no matter what, keep that in mind. And good luck with everything.

    I wanted to know if there was an event that inspired you to come out at the time you did, or was it just like, "Gotta do it eventually and today’s gonna be the day."

    What song brings back a really happy memory of yours?

    TS: I would say “iT” by Christine and the Queens. It reminds me of a holiday that I took.

    How did you find the confidence to be who you are (in terms of your sexual orientation, or anything else really)?

    TS: I think for me it kinda started out a necessity. I was getting very sad and anxious, and stuff like that. So I just wanted to kind of take the situation into my own hands and do what I could to set up myself for the best life possible.

    What changed in your life after coming out that you did not expect?

    What animal do you feel you relate to the most?

    TS: Maybe like a mouse or something super lame like that.

    "What's your favorite part of the music-making process?"

    TS: Definitely the writing. I love, love, love songwriting. It’s like the most therapeutic thing in the world.

    Be sure to catch Troye Sivan on the Suburbia Tour this fall!

    Special thanks to the BuzzFeed Community for your questions!