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If you're a mega-fan of The Divergent Series, you know it's been a long, grueling wait until we could finally get all of our questions answered and find out what the hell happens beyond the wall in Allegiant, the third installment of the book-turned-movie franchise.

But the wait is finally over, and in celebration of the film's release, Shailene Woodley and Theo James stopped by BuzzFeed New York to answer everything you've always wanted to know about the series. Here's what we learned.

1. What was your favorite moment on-set behind the scenes? - Sapna Senthil Kumar, Facebook


Theo James: Trying to keep a straight face.

Shailene Woodley: Throughout the movie.

Theo: Throughout the movie! No, when we were all at the end, that was quite difficult.

Shailene: On the roof?

Theo: Yeah, on the roof. There's an end shot and we couldn't physically do it without laughing. If you look very closely, I think you can see.

Shailene: All of our faces were like *presses mouth close*.

Is there anyone in the cast who was always trying to make someone laugh during takes?

Shai: I don't know that it's intentionally trying to make people laugh, except for that for some reason the second they said action if sometimes we made premature eye contact, or other people make premature eye contact you just lose it.

2. If you could take one cast member with you to go beyond the wall, who would you choose? - - Cristina Moreno, Facebook


Shailene: I would choose [Theo]. Because I feel like — well, if we're talking about survival situations, I feel like [Theo] would be the most adept in that kind of a situation, scenario.

Theo: I think, yeah, if we're talking about survival, I'd probably choose Shai as well. Cause I think others might die quickly if they had to be in the element.

3. Theo, did you get any injuries since you did so many fighting scenes in this film? - Roosa Saarinen, Facebook

Theo: I hit my head.

Shailene: Did you?!

Theo: Yeah, yeah, in that little craft thing. I was supposed to grab onto something but at the last minute I missed it and I just went headfirst into the wall basically.

Shailene: That's awful.

Theo: It was fine, I kind of felt tougher. Lit a cigarette.

Shailene: Two concussions, I'm great!

Theo: Yeah, exactly. Possible brain damage, who gives a fuck!

4. Shailene, what is it like playing such a strong female lead that influences so many young girls (like myself)? Tris has been a real inspiration to so many boys and girls all over the world. - morgank4cf0aec49

Theo: Aww.

Shailene: Aww. Umm, the thing I love about Tris is yes she's strong, and yes she's empowering and brave, but at the same time she still has a lot of weaknesses and she still has a lot of things that she struggles with including vulnerability, and admitting to when she's wrong, and I think it's important to note we all have so many conflicting emotions within ourselves, we're never just one thing, and to me that's why she was the most inspiring and empowering because she was a great example of how to be strong and yet how to also accept the fact that she's still human, and we're all human, and we're all gonna be going through complex trials and tribulations throughout our internal workings.

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

5. Did you take anything from any of the sets of these movies? - ttristobias

Theo: No. I never tend to do that, I don't know why. I've never been into like, memorabilia, from anything.

Shailene: I stole a pair of boots from the last movie.

Theo: Did you?

Shailene: Yeah, because they fit perfectly and they were worn in and it was winter time and I needed a pair of boots cause I didn't have one.

Theo: Mmm. Oh actually I stole some underwear.

Shailene: Yeah. Oh I've stolen a few pairs of underwear as well.

6. What is your fondest memory from filming this movie? - ttristobias


Shailene: Uh, we filmed in Atlanta, which was really hot, but also nice because when we had days off or on the weekends we could go to the lake and hang out, or there's a lot of outdoor activities that you could get involved with in that particular region of the south. That was my favorite — I mean on set, you know, different things.

Theo: I agree.

Shailene: Good answer.

7. Theo, after this movie franchise is over, what will you miss about working with Shailene? - WallflowerNrd

Theo: Oh, so many things.

Shailene: Everything.

Theo: Every single thing. Having a partner in crime, yo. It's good to have someone having your back.

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

8. What's the best advice you've ever been given? - fourtrismended


Shailene: Keep your head up. No [laughs].

Theo: I always say this from my mom, under promise, over sell.

Shailene: You do say that.

Theo: Yes, well done mom. She'll be watching. I don't think she will, but she might be.

Shailene: So incase.

9. Shailene, you travel a lot, so what would you say has been your favorite destination so far? - Cristina Moreno, Facebook

Shailene: I don't think that there's one. I really loveee Europe, and love London in particular.

Theo: Yessss.

Shailene: Love the UK, but love London. I do, that city is so, ugh. Such a good city. Yeah, I don't know every place offers something different, so I don't know that I could pinpoint one place.

10. What's your favorite thing about your characters? - Facebook Live


Shailene: I love that Tris is open to various hairstyles. That's really great.

Theo: And I love Four's tight t-shirts.

Shailene: Everyone loves Four's tight t-shirts.

11. What’s something that’s always helped you to stay grounded? - delightfulshai

Shailene: I don't know, you know, I think it's hard to answer that question because being grounded is relative to everyone's unique experience. And I think for me, and for us — I'm going to include [Theo] in this — our lifestyles haven't really changed too much because of these movies, so I think that whatever grounded means for us is synonymous with our lifestyle, and the lifestyle that we lived before these movies started and how they exist now. Obviously small things have shifted, because we've shifted as human beings, just inevitably over the last three years.

Theo: The constants that were there before: family, friends...

Shailene: Yeah, exactly.

12. What was the most emotionally tiring and physically tiring thing you had to do for the movie? - Facebook Live

Shailene: I always say this, and I will continue to always say this, but running was just the most exhausting thing for me. But you know actually no we had a scene that we've talked about where Tris and Four arrive in a conflict, and have a disagreement and ultimately go different directions for a hot minute. And that was a hard scene to sort of structurally figure out.

Theo: Yeah.

Shailene: There was a lot of exposition that had to be told in that scene, but also trying to make it feel grounded and truthful to our characters. That was difficult.

Theo: That was hard, yeah. I would agree, 100%.

13. If you could be a mythical creature what would you be? - Facebook Live


Theo: Saber-toothed tiger.

Is that mythical?

Theo: No. You're right, it's not mythical.

Shailene: I was gonna say, I don't think that's mythical.

Theo: It existed!

Shailene: If he were to go back to the Ice Age, he'd be a saber-toothed tiger. I would be a mermaid I think because I wanna be able to swim down to the depths of the sea.

Theo: Okay, I would be a unicorn.

Shailene: Would you?

Theo: Not really, but that was the only creature I could think of.

Shailene: I would definitely be a mermaid because then I could breathe underwater.

Theo: Maybe I would be a cyclops.

Shailene: I feel like you would want to be a mermaid, because you love the ocean.

Theo: That would be cool, yeah.

Shailene: But he wants to be a cyclops so that's okay.

I see a Cyclops/Mermaid movie in the future.

Shailene: So romantic!

The Divergent Series: Allegiant is in theaters everywhere Friday, March 18!

Watch the full Q&A in the video below: