14 Times Taylor Swift Was Your Favorite Person At Award Shows

Thank you, award show people, for blessing us with these life-changing moments.

1. When she danced like no one was watching:

Like hello, she’s front row at the greatest concert that could ever exist.

2. When she showed her ex-boyfriend who’s ~*BoSs*~:



3. When she made fun of herself before the haters could:


4. When she was just as out of breath from dancing like a maniac to Miley as you were:

5. When she and Olivia Munn pulled a ~Kanye~ joke stunt:

“Luv u, gurl!!!”

6. When the cameras caught her being sassy with her BFF:

7. When she sent a message to the critics with her beautiful ~haters gonna hate~ shirt:

ABC / Via giphy.com

8. When she used her dress to add some flare to her dancing:

If you don’t use your wings of fabric for dancing then what is even the point.

9. When she slayed her performance and sat there staring at the audience like *BOW DOWN*:

10. When she couldn’t hide her hate for #Jelena:


11. When she went crazy during “What Makes You Beautiful” like any true Directioner would:

Nickelodeon / Via scarsyoumade.tumblr.com

12. When she and JT reenacted her famous OMG I’M SO SURPRISED face:

ABC / Via gurl.com

13. When Kayne stole her thunder and she kept her cool like the classy lady she is:


14. When she got down to Kendrick Lamar:

Straight vibing.

Basically, she’s the queen of award shows. So start counting down to the VMAs and seeing TSwizzle in all her true glory RIGHT NOW.

T-minus 3 days (!!!!!)

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