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    14 Times Taylor Swift Was Your Favorite Person At Award Shows

    Thank you, award show people, for blessing us with these life-changing moments.

    1. When she danced like no one was watching:

    CBS / Via

    Like hello, she's front row at the greatest concert that could ever exist.

    2. When she showed her ex-boyfriend who's ~*BoSs*~:


    3. When she made fun of herself before the haters could:

    ABC / Via


    4. When she was just as out of breath from dancing like a maniac to Miley as you were:

    5. When she and Olivia Munn pulled a ~Kanye~ joke stunt:

    CBS / Via

    "Luv u, gurl!!!"

    6. When the cameras caught her being sassy with her BFF:

    7. When she sent a message to the critics with her beautiful ~haters gonna hate~ shirt:

    ABC / Via

    8. When she used her dress to add some flare to her dancing:

    CMT / Via

    If you don't use your wings of fabric for dancing then what is even the point.

    9. When she slayed her performance and sat there staring at the audience like *BOW DOWN*:

    10. When she couldn't hide her hate for #Jelena:

    11. When she went crazy during "What Makes You Beautiful" like any true Directioner would:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    12. When she and JT reenacted her famous OMG I'M SO SURPRISED face:

    ABC / Via

    13. When Kayne stole her thunder and she kept her cool like the classy lady she is:

    MTV / Via


    14. When she got down to Kendrick Lamar:

    CBS / Via

    Straight vibing.

    Basically, she's the queen of award shows. So start counting down to the VMAs and seeing TSwizzle in all her true glory RIGHT NOW.

    ABC / Via

    T-minus 3 days (!!!!!)

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