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    Posted on Oct 6, 2015

    Just A Reminder That Chace Crawford Looks Flawless AF Right Now


    We all know that flawless human and former Upper East Sider Chace Crawford is already a model of perfection.

    He's pretty much like a damn Disney Prince come to life.

    But as Jimmy Kimmel noted last night, he recently grew out a slightly longer beard and it somehow made him even more beautiful.

    It looks perfect when he's ever so slightly glancing down.

    Rb / GC Images

    It looks great during a selfie.

    Rb / GC Images

    And there's a 96% chance you heart will skip one or fifteen beats when he shows it off with his heart-melting/perfect/life-changing smile.

    Rb / GC Images

    He's basically like an L.L. Bean catalog model come to life just in time to go apple picking with you this fall.

    Rb / GC Images

    *Prays to the fall gods*

    ThinkStock JordanSimeonov / Getty Images

    This has been a Chace Crawford Facial Hair Update.

    Thank you for your time.

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