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Here's How Your Favorite Celebs Are Celebrating Valentine's Day

"If anyone secretly loves me now would be a good time to tell me or else it's another Valentine's Day with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts."

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1. Zach Braff:

2. Chance the Rapper:

I don't celebrate valentines no mo so keep that shit way far from me 😤

3. Camila Cabello:

if anyone secretly loves me now would be a good time to tell me 👀👀👀👀or else it's another Valentine's Day with Richard gere and Julia roberts

4. Barack Obama:

Happy Valentine’s Day, @michelleobama! Almost 28 years with you, but it always feels new.


5. Mindy Kaling:

Happy Valentine's Day to those with unrealistic expectations. ❤😂❤

7. Kim Kardashian West:

8. Jenna Fischer:

Valentine's Day is when you eat 8 pieces of turkey bacon after dropping your kids at school right? #askingforafriend


10. Pitbull:

Give something sweet to someone sexy #Chocolate #valentinesday

12. B.J. Novak:

Happy Valentine's Day from Dan Mintz 💘


13. Simone Biles:

15. Jenny McCarthy:

To my one and only Valentine @DonnieWahlberg Me and U 4 ever ❤️

16. Chloe Grace Moretz:

Valentine eve... in bed w my dog watching forensic files #single


17. Joe Jonas:


Sick Girl in bed in her nightgown. Not sung well but done with ♥️! Happy Valentine's Day!! 🌺♥️💋🌺♥️💋🌺♥️💋🌺♥️💋🌺♥️💋🌺♥️💋…


21. Skylar Astin:

22. Jared Leto:

24. Lauren Jauregui:

Happy Love Day!! Realize that Love comes from inside of you, your heart is beautiful and you don't need a partner for that to be the truth❤️


25. Gina Rodriguez:

Sending kisses and love to all my badass warriors!!! I appreciate you all so much and this journey ain't nothin without you! #Valentines

26. Katy Perry:

❤✨So much love for my #KatyCats on this mushy day! Thanks for keeping me floating and grounded all at the same time…

28. Kendra Wilkinson:

I don't want flowers or chocolate or a card for V-Day. I want some mutha fuckin golf and a beer... @TheHankBaskett 😊😘


30. Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers and the haters everywhere. #bemine #ornot

31. Lucy Hale:

Happy valentines Day ❤❤❤

32. Jussie Smollett:

Or we could just love each other everyday... 🙏🏿❤🙏🏿 #HappyValentinesDay #RevolutionaryLove


33. Bryce Dallas Howard:

Roses are red, @sethgabel is #bae, hope you and your love, have a sweet Valentine’s Day! #Love #ValentinesDay…

34. Chrissy Metz:

Love somebody you love today, and even the folks who make it difficult, they need it most! #HappyValentinesDay