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14 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Seth Rogen shared Superbad secrets, Lin-Manuel Miranda met Sarah Michelle Gellar, and more!

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1. John Mayer had a moment with the Empire State Building.

Landing in NYC last night, I saw the gorgeous @EmpireStateBldg and thought "we follow each other on Twitter." I waved. Nobody else saw.

2. Lauren Jauregui wore a badass shirt.

3. Seth Rogen spilled some deets about Superbad.

Almost all the names in Superbad are people we went to high school with and lots of the stuff in the movie really happened to us.

4. Jaden Smith thanked his mom.

Thank You Odessa, I'm Finally Where I Belong, Under Travis Scott And Drake On Connect. Mom I'd Never Thought I'd Ma…

5. Ellen DeGeneres wished Steve Carell a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, @SteveCarell, or as I call you now, the 55-year-old virgin.

6. Jenna Dewan Tatum went crystal shopping.

Think I went a little crazy at the crystal store today

7. Lin-Manuel met Sarah Michelle Gellar.

8. Zara Larsson got a sunburn.

I'm so sorry Manila that I can't perform today, but a tomato will!

9. Ansel Elgort explored the Great Wall of China.

10. The Kardashians all got together for The Hollywood Reporter.

sister power...girl power 👊🏽

11. Chrissy Teigen was peak mom.

I almost just left a comment on the toys r us website complaining that they didn't include the dimensions of a toy. I feel very uncool

12. Lucy Hale filmed her new TV show.

Episode 1 -- almost down. We are taking it very seriously. HAPPY BDAY CARLOS!

13. Reese Witherspoon shared a mom joke.

Lesson learned... until next time. 😂😂 #MomJokes #DadJokes #TrueLife @JimGaffigan

14. And Paris Hilton was feelin' herself.

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